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🦅Administrator Dashboard: Get a bird's-eye view of your account
🦅Administrator Dashboard: Get a bird's-eye view of your account

See what's happening in your account, manage members, and customize your account settings – all in one place.

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For administrators

The Administrator Dashboard enables you to get a bird's-eye view of everything that's going on in your account and customize account-wide settings.

💡 Tip: Only administrators see the Dashboard – your learners and teachers will see their home screens with their courses first.


In the Dashboard, you'll see a window into three main areas:

  1. Home: A glimpse of how many cohorts you're teaching and how they're progressing, and a shortcut to your home page.

  2. Library: A view of how many public and private courses are available in your account and a shortcut to your Library, which is your default landing page and sales/registration page.

  3. Community: A preview of how many members you have, the most active ones, and shortcut to manage your members.

💡 Tip: From the Home window or Library window, click a course cover to shortcut right to that course. From Community, click on a member to shortcut right to that member.

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed helps you see all the activity happening across your entire account. Learn more about the Activity Feed and how to use this across the account here.  

Account Settings

You can quickly access all your account-wide settings by selecting "Account Settings" in the upper right corner of the Dashboard.  Shortcut to the Account Settings from anywhere in your account by selecting "Settings" on the menu. 

With Add account information you can:

Within Manage billing you can:

Under Customize your brand you can:

  • Upload a background that will display on the Home page for all users. 

  • Upload your account icon.

  • Upload a navigation bar logo to replace your account name at the top of the page.  

  • Choose a primary brand color.

  • Add custom fonts with CSS. 

With Open Media Manager, you can:

  • Pop open the Media Manager to upload, organize, edit, and delete files across your account.

With Configure features you can:

Within Enable commerce you can...

Under Configure Library you can...

Under Connect other apps you can....

Under Download reports you can...

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