If your account is on one of our latest plans, your monthly or annual pricing includes the first 1,000 non-staff members with access to your account. A non-staff member is anyone who can access your account as a learner, observer, moderator, teacher, or mentor.

Each plan also includes a set number of staff members who have Account Admin, Library Editor, Course Editor, or Mentor Group Admin access to your school.

Additional members and staff will be billed according to your plan's sliding-scale pricing, and you can also remove members and staff from counting toward your billing anytime. Review all plans and pricing FAQs here. 

(If you have questions about an older or customized billing plan, please contact us.)

How to reduce fees for additional members

Your plan includes a base number of members (usually 1,000). When your account exceeds the base number of members included, extra members are automatically added in blocks for an additional fee that adds up to a small amount per member.

See your plan guide for extra member pricing. Review all plans and pricing FAQs here. 

Revoke member access

If you have learners who no longer need access to your School (and you no longer need access to them), it's easy to remove them anytime by revoking access.

When you revoke a member's access, they will no longer be counted towards your bill. They also won't receive email notifications, show up in reports, or be able to be added to or to participate in Cohorts or Mentor Groups.

We will retain the progress, notes, discussions, submissions, and other member data for a minimum of 12 months* after their access has been revoked so that they can pick up where they left off if granted access again (see step 4 below for an easy way to grant access automatically).

How to remove access from inactive members in bulk

In order to avoid additional fees for extra members who no longer access your courses, you can easily bulk-remove access from any members who aren't active in your account. Depending on your settings and when they sign back in, they won't know you removed their access if they happen to sign in again in the future.

  1. Open your Account Settings from the main menu or your admin Dashboard. 

  2. Open Manage billing

  3. Select Configure billing settings

  4. Decide whether to automatically grant access on sign-in or not. Save.
    💡 If this setting is on, any member who no longer has access will automatically be given full access the next time they sign in. This way, you won't need to manually grant access should they happen to sign in again at a future date within a year of being deactivated, at minimum.

  5. Now, open the Remove access based on activity card.

  6. Choose an inactivity period (30, 60, or 90 days) and select Remove access for those members. As more members move into the inactivity periods, you can remove access periodically. 

How to remove an individual member's access

To remove an individual member's access to your Pathwright account so they no longer count toward your billing...

  1. Open "Community" from the main account menu.

  2. Find the member, and click on the settings icon to the right of his name. Remove access by clicking "Remove access." 

Once access is removed, the member won't count towards your monthly billing. 

Configure settings

When a member without access signs in, two things may happen depending on the automatically grant access on sign-in setting:

  1. If you have it toggled on, they will instantly have access restored (they won't even know anything changed).

  2. If you have it toggled off, the member will see a message like the one below, prompting them to email your support contact email address: 

Restore a member to your Pathwright account

  1. Open "Community" from the main menu.

  2. Find the member, and click on the settings icon to the right of his name. You can restore access by clicking "Give access."  

💡Tip: Archived members will never be automatically restored upon sign-in. 

How to edit staff members

You'll be billed automatically for additional staff members with access that exceed your plan allowance. See your plan guide for staff pricing. Review all plans and pricing FAQs here. 

If you would like to remove some of your staff members...

  1. Open your Account Settings from the main menu or your Admin Dashboard. 

  2. Open Community and change the filter to "Staff." 

  3. You can revoke access for any staff member or change their role to a member role instead. Select the "additional actions" icon to the right of their name to edit permissions. See more under adjusting permissions for admins and editors.

  4. To remove a Course Editor from your billing without revoking all access, you will need to remove them from those specific courses that they are editing.

*Learn more about removing access

To keep Pathwright affordable and fast for the million+ users with 100s of millions of steps (and the number is increasing daily), it's necessary to occasionally remove data and files from our database. While we don't plan to automatically delete data for users with revoked access after 12 months (that's only a minimum), it may become necessary at some point.

We prioritize cleaning up data from inactive Schools, Paths that are already archived, or where there's been no activity or progress first in order to keep as much progress data (however old) around as long as possible.

We will not delete data for members who have access to your account and are included in your plan unless specifically requested.

You can also download and save progress data for members with or without access from Account Settings > Download reports so that you have a permanent record of that information.

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