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Get started

Get started on the right foot with a few basic setup steps.

Create a Path

Everything you need to create a course Path from start to finish.

Make it beautiful

Style your Library, add custom brand images to your account, and customize the appearance of your courses.

Managing Path settings

Control who can access your school and courses, download reports, and more.

Launch your course

How to prepare for success when you first invite learners or publicly publish your course.

Add & manage staff and members

Invite people to your account and manage their roles and permissions.

Account & billing management

How to update your account settings and billing information.

Teach a course

How to keep your learners on track, happy, and learning.

Tips for moderators

A few tips to help moderators get setup with a course licensed for private cohorts.

Tips for learners

A few tips to help learners get the most out of your courses.

FAQs & Tips

A few pro tips and secrets for getting the most out of teaching and learning with Pathwright.

Mentor Groups

Mentors track progress and provide feedback to learners in their Group across all the courses they're taking.

Offer courses multiple ways with cohorts

Learn how to offer your courses for others to teach with Pathwright’s powerful curriculum features.

Grow your community

Tips for reaching more people and growing your learner community.

Sell courses

Learn how to sell your courses using one-time purchases, recurring subscriptions, coupons, and more.


Learn how to connect Pathwright with the other software you use to streamline your workflow.

About Pathwright

Our philosophy and frequently asked questions about Pathwright.

Pricing FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about our pricing plans.


Handle the most common technical questions you may come across.

Teaching licensed curriculum

FAQs for teaching curriculum licensed from a Pathwright school

Beta Features

Upcoming features that may be available by agreement in selected accounts.