Cohort Timeline

Figure out what's happening in your Cohort at a glance.

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The Timeline provides an easy-to-scan overview of who has been making progress and participating in the discussion in a Cohort.

Scan down the Timeline to see every day's activity in your Cohort including:

  • Discussion posts & replies: see all discussion from your course path or Community Discussion Feed when it happens. Tap or click on the post to load the full discussion in a side panel without leaving the Timeline.

  • Learners completing steps: it's easier to make progress when others are making progress as well.
    πŸ’‘Tip: if learners complete multiple steps in one session, you'll also see a time estimate which is a great way to get a sense of how long people spend learning through different lessons.

  • New registrations: see who is newly registered in your cohort.
    πŸ’‘Tip: you can hover or tap the circular profile image (or initials) of a learner to see their Member Profile. If you're a staff member, you'll also see an options menu where you can email the learner or change their access to the cohort.

  • Course completions: see who has completed the whole path (and perhaps send them congrats!).

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