The Timeline provides an easy-to-scan overview of who has been making progress and participating in the discussion in a Cohort.

You'll find the Timeline under the Community tab of each course. You can make it visible to only staff members on your account or visible to everyone, including your learners.

Scan down the Timeline to see every day's activity in your Cohort including:

  • Discussion posts & replies: see all discussion from your course path or Community Discussion Feed when it happens. Tap or click on the post to load the full discussion in a side panel without leaving the Timeline.

  • Learners completing steps: it's easier to make progress when others are making progress as well.
    💡Tip: if learners complete multiple steps in one session, you'll also see a time estimate which is a great way to get a sense of how long people spend learning through different lessons.

  • New registrations: see who is newly registered in your cohort.
    💡Tip: you can hover or tap the circular profile image (or initials) of a learner to see their Member Profile. If you're a staff member, you'll also see an options menu where you can email the learner or change their access to the cohort.

  • Course completions: see who has completed the whole path (and perhaps send them congrats!).

Learn more about using the Activity Feed features across the entire account here.

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