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Discount codes allow you to offer free or discounted access to your courses or subscription plans when you use a connected Stripe account to sell directly from your Pathwright account. Learn more about integrating Stripe, a payment processor, here. 

Ways you can use discount codes

  • To attract interest by offering a promo deal

  • To offer scholarships or special access to reviewers, sponsors, or pilot students

  • To sell courses in bundles/packages/bulk

  • To give discounted or free access to prepaid individuals or groups

  • To allow someone to purchase courses or subscriptions as a gift

  • To offer school credit instead of a refund

We support...

✅Multi-use codes

✅Single-use codes

✅Unlimited-use codes

✅Single use per user

✅Expiration date

✅Free months on monthly subscriptions

✅Free access or percent-off on courses and Collections

✅Discount a certain number of seats in a member-created cohort

✅Detailed reports on code usage


How to get codes

Create your own

Discount codes for discounted or free access to courses can now be created on-demand by administrators from the Account Settings. Learn more about the discount code creator below.

Request codes instantly

You can continue to request codes that are not yet supported by the discount code creator. Types of codes not yet supported by the discount code creator include: 

  1. Codes for free months on a subscription plan

  2. Codes for member-created cohorts (group purchases)

  3. Sets of more than 100 codes of any type

We typically fulfill all requests for discount codes the same or next business day.



Reports on discount code usage are available to admins. School-wide reports can be downloaded by opening the Account Settings from the menu or Dashboard and going to Download reports.

Summary Level Discount Code Usage

If you use discount codes to give discounted or free access to a paid course, this CSV report has the basic details about how those are used.

Includes the following data: discount code, discount amount, expiration date, number of redemptions.


All Discount Code Redemptions

If you use discount codes to give discounted or free access to a paid course, this CSV report has all the information about how those are used.

Includes the following data: userID, first name, last name, email, discount code, created date, redeemed date.


Discount codes FAQ

Q. If I am using multiple cohorts, do I need to specify which cohorts are included?
A. Codes apply to a single-purchase course universally, so you if you have multiple cohorts listed under a course, the discount percentage will apply to each cohort, even if they have different pricing.

For subscription codes, the code will give access to every public cohort included in the subscription plan. 

Q. Can I use discount codes to provide a free trial? Will users be automatically charged at the end of the trial?
A. Subscription plans can be set up to require card information when a free discount code is applied. This means that the user will be automatically charged on their card at the end of the free trial period, unless they cancel before renewal. 

Q. How do I use discount codes for gift purchases?
A. Monthly subscription plans may optionally be set up to provide automatically generated Gift Subscriptions. Gift subscriptions allow anyone to gift access to your courses to anyone else for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months.

We don't currently have a built-in feature for gifting a single-purchase course. However, you're welcome to accept payment for the course anyway you like (invoicing via Stripe, PayPal, etc.) and then provide a code for the purchaser to share with the gift recipient. 

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