We integrate directly with Stripe, a payment processor, to allow you to accept payment from learners seamlessly from your Pathwright account. 

How to connect Stripe 

To accept payment from your users directly through Pathwright, a linked Stripe account is required. You can create a Stripe account in just a few minutes and it only takes 10-15 seconds to plug it into your Pathwright account and start collecting payments. Stripe will collect funds and then transfer them automatically to your bank account. Stripe collects a fee of $0.30 plus 0.029 of sales on each transaction. 

How to connect your Stripe account to your school from your Account Settings:

  1. Create a Stripe account here. 
  2. Log into your Pathwright account and select "Settings" from the main menu. 
  3. Select "Enable commerce," and you'll see a button to "Connect Stripe." 
  4. Log in to Stripe if necessary and follow the prompts to connect your Stripe account to your Pathwright account. That's it!

Now, be sure to set the price on your courses before launching. 

International schools

Stripe can accept payments via bank or credit card from anywhere in the world. Your users will see USD in your Pathwright school Library by default, but you can contact us to have your native currency set up. See accepted currencies here. 

While there is no restriction on the location of your users, it does matter where your business is based. It may be the case that you are based in a country that does not support Stripe for businesses. You can check the list of supported countries here: https://stripe.com/global

In this case, you can still use Pathwright to offer free courses or you can accept payment outside of Pathwright using PayPal or Moonclerk or the method of your choice and invite your prepaid students to join private classes.

🤔 Why do we do it this way? 

We used to support direct integration with both Stripe and PayPal, but we stopped supporting PayPal in the fall of 2016. 

There were a couple drawbacks with PayPal that prompted this switch. One is that we were unable to set up a monthly subscription option for your school with PayPal.

Another pretty big drawback was that we found higher rates of payment abandonments with PayPal. This is because the PayPal checkout process forced a redirect to the PayPal payment page in order to complete purchases. Stripe is able to be embedded directly into the registration page and does not cause a redirect. When we switched one of our more active schools from PayPal to Stripe their conversion rate increased by 40%, which is quite significant.

In the new version of Pathwright, we've streamlined our commerce features to be faster, improve conversion rates, and support more advanced new features. In order to support the improvements and future enhancements, we've moved to using Stripe.com as our only payment processor. Stripe is simpler, cheaper (in most cases), faster, and much easier to manage and grow than PayPal in almost every way. 

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