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Append a discount code to a link

Encode a discount code into a registration link to automatically apply a discount when the link is used.

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It is possible to append a discount code to a registration link so that when anyone clicks the link, they see the discount automatically applied without having to manually enter the code. 

Use cases

This can be used to....

  • Offer a free one-month trial on a monthly subscription plan. 

  • Automatically provide a discount when someone enrolls as an observer or moderator via shared invite link. 

  • Award scholarships without the extra friction of entering a code. 

Set up

  1. Create discount codes with the specifications you'll need for your promo or special discount. 

  2. Locate the shareable registration link. For a course, use the shareable invite link. For a subscription plan, click "Subscribe" on your main menu and copy the URL from your web browser. 

  3. Add one of the following to the end of the link from step #2 above.
    /?coupon=  (use this in most cases)
    &coupon=  (use this when another /? argument appears earlier in the link)

  4. Add the discount code to the end of the link following /?coupon= or &coupon=. 

Your final link should look something like these examples...

Link for public subscription plan:

Shareable registration link for a public course:

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