For administrators

Your account-wide Community screen is your hub for inviting, viewing, configuring, and managing all the members of your Pathwright account.

Open by clicking or tapping the Community window on your Dashboard, or shortcut to your members from anywhere in your account by selecting "Community" from the menu.

Members Tab

From the Members tab, you can:

New! Add to Path: select this to instantly assign a course to any member. Learn more here.

Member Cards

Select any member to view their member card and browse their activity and the courses assigned to their path. From a member card, you can:

  • View that user's activity.

  • Quickly see which courses a user is taking and navigate directly to the progress report for the courses that the user is enrolled in.

  • Message the user if he is not currently enrolled in a course and suggest a course to take.

Groups Tab

If you have have Mentor Groups enabled on your account, you'll also see a Groups tab. From this tab, you can...

  • Create Mentor Groups

  • View and search all Mentor Groups

  • Manage all Mentor Groups

  • Invite leaders, mentors, and members to Mentor Groups

Learn more about Mentor Groups here.

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