Pathwright includes several member roles with varying permissions. This article shares provides guidance on how to perform common actions with all roles and answers frequently asked questions. 

What member roles are available? 

See an overview of all member roles here. 

How do I add members?

Need to invite additional admins or library editors? See how to add additional admins and editors to your account. 

Need to invite learners, moderators, or teachers to a course? See how to invite someone to your course. 

Need to add yourself to a course as the teacher? See how to make yourself the teacher in an existing course. 

How do I remove or restore access for a member? 

Need to remove or restore access for any member? See how to remove and restore access for any Pathwright member. 

How do I change an existing member's role? 

Instructions for switching account-wide roles are included here: how to change account-wide roles. 

Instructions for switching a member's role within a course are included here: how to switch a member's role in a course. 

Other frequently asked questions about roles

I'm an admin or editor. Why can't I...(teach a new course? take a course as a learner?) 

  • Admins and editors will need to create a Teacher enrollment in each cohort in order to have it listed under their Teach tab, receive notifications from the class, and be listed as a teacher at the top of the Path. 

  • If you need to add yourself to a class as the Teacher, paste the Teacher invitation link into a new browser tab while logged in and you will be automatically enrolled. 

What's the difference between moderators and teachers? 

  • Moderators are unique in that they can take the course as a learner while in "Learn" mode and teach while in "Teach" mode.

  • Teachers do not have "Learn" mode, but they do have a learner preview mode. They can view - but not complete - the course as a learner. They can also switch to "Edit" mode and edit the path for their cohort by adding, deleting, and reorganizing steps and lessons. 

  • Teachers who want to take the same course they are teaching will need to use a separate learner account under a different email address in order to track their progress. 

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