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Customize a course you're teaching

Teachers can edit the course they are teaching to better adapt it for their learners.

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As a teacher, you have access to "Design mode" in the courses you're teaching. 

In Design mode, you will be able to customize the content you've been given to teach by adding, removing, copying, and reordering steps; adding content to steps you've added or copied, and adding discussions and attachments.

You can access Design mode anytime, but note that your changes, once published or synced to your learners' paths, will affect any learners who are working through the course. Try to make any significant changes before your learners enroll, or keep ahead of them. You can lock future lessons with start dates if you don't want learners moving too far ahead.

Learners will receive your published and synced updates on their path the next time they log in or refresh.

Design Mode

You can switch between Design mode and Teach mode at any time by using the Design/Teach toggle switch in the top left corner of the Path. 

Use Design mode to add, delete, move, copy, and edit content on the Path. The content includes three main elements: lessons, steps, and dividers. 

You can add a new lesson...

add new steps...

and add dividers in between lessons to indicate a new section. 

Hover over any divider, lesson, or step and you'll see the following icons.

Edit (pencil icon): Use this icon to edit the name of the step or lesson or the lesson description. Note that after adding and saving a step, you can't edit the step type. Just delete the incorrect step and add a new one. 

Reorder (up-and-down arrow): You can drag-and-drop pieces on the Path. Click and hold the arrow icon to grab the piece you want to move. Drag it to a new position on the Path and release. 

Copy: We'll cover this below!

Delete (trashcan icon): Click and then confirm to delete the entire step, lesson, or divider. There is no way to restore deleted items without contacting support, so use with care!

When you have finished adding and editing content, click the "Sync" button to make your changes visible to learners who are enrolled in the class. You'll see a red dot appear by the Sync button any time you make changes that need to be shared with learners. 

Copy & Paste

There's another really useful tool that you can use in Design mode. "Copy & paste" allows you to instantly copy any lesson or step and then paste the copied content somewhere else on the learning path. 

This is the copy icon...

and this is the paste icon. 

You may not have permission to edit the original content that has been given to you to teach, but you can edit a copy of that content. To make a copy, follow the instructions below. When you have made your editable copy, you can delete the original content from your Path. 

Here's how to use copy & paste: 

1. Click the copy icon on the lesson or step you'd like to copy.

2. Now, locate where you'd like to paste the content. 

  • If you copied a lesson, you'll see a highlighted "paste" icon to the right of the "Add another lesson" area. 

  • If you copied a step, you'll see the "paste" icon to the right of the "Add a step..." area. 

  • To add a lesson in between existing lessons, click the "plus" icon to open a place to add a new lesson. You'll see a "paste" icon appear. 

3. Once you know where you want to paste, just click the paste icon. Voilá! You've just copy & pasted ✨.

4. Use the reorder arrows to drag-and-drop lessons and steps into place if necessary.

5. Use the delete button to delete the original content if you are sure you no longer need it. Now you can edit the title to remove the word "copy" or rename it. 

6. Be sure to sync your changes when finished. 

Now you can add or edit the content inside the lessons or steps you created or copied. 

Add and Edit Content

You can add or edit content in any step that you have added to your Cohort or have duplicated using copy-and-paste. 

Add content to a new step

To add content to a Step, select it to open. Any Steps without content will be flagged as "Needs content." You'll be required to add content to each step that you create.

Add content using the Blocks content builder. 

Remember to publish your edits to share your updates with your learners. The Publish button in the upper right corner of the step will flag with a red dot anytime there are unpublished edits.

Edit content

You can instantly edit any content created with the Blocks content builder. Changes will autosave, and you can Publish changes to those taking the course. 

If you're teaching a course using our older legacy builder, you'll need to click the pencil icon to edit content, then click "Save and Publish" at the bottom of the step to save and publish your changes. 

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