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Help your learners log in

Learn how the Pathwright login options work and how you can help learners who have questions.

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For account administrators

Pathwright login options include 1) signing in with an email address and password, 2) signing in with a magic link or 6-digit code, or 3) signing in with Google, Apple, or an external SSO system if these options are enabled for the Pathwright account.

Learn more about these various login options here. With multiple sign-in options available, your members will typically have no issues signing into their account. Just in case any questions come up, here are answers to common questions about the sign-in process.

What email address should I enter?

It's not uncommon these days for an individual to have multiple personal and/or organizational email addresses. Occasionally, someone will forget which email address they used to sign up previously or they may even sign up for multiple accounts, each under a different email address.

If someone has already signed up for a course or joined your account, you can look up their email address for them:

How to verify the email address (for moderators and teachers)

You can find the email address they used to sign up by going to your Cohort Path and then clicking “View learner progress." 

Select the vertical ellipses to the right of the individual's name to see the email address they used to sign up. Click to send them an email or right-click on the email address to copy the email address they used to sign up.

If you find that they aren’t visible under the "View learner progress" screen, that indicates that they haven’t actually enrolled in the course yet, in which case you’ll want to resend them the invitation link. 

How to verify the email address (for admins)

Go to your account-wide Community on the main menu and search for the user there. You can search by name or email address. Here are things to check for:

  • The user is there, but under a different email address.

  • The user is not appearing in the search, but if you switch the filter to "Archived," you find an archived user under that name or email address. Here's how to unarchive a user.

If you cannot find an account matching the user's name and/or email, this usually indicates that they haven’t actually created a login for your account. Encourage them to create a new account rather than trying to sign in with an existing account.

It's also possible that they created a Pathwright login previously, but not within your Pathwright account. If they have an existing login under the email address they entered, they will be able to use the magic link, 6-digit code, or password reset options to help them get logged in.

Reset a password for any member (for admins)

Admins can send a reset link directly to any member. Select "Community" from the main menu. Search for the learner who is having trouble accessing his account. Click the vertical ellipses to the right of the individual's name and you'll see the option to "Send password reset link."

You can also send them these password reset instructions.


Here are several common reasons why someone may report trouble logging in and what to do about it.

The user's email address and/or password was entered incorrectly. Did they enter their email address with a typo? Did they previously sign up with a different email address?

The magic link expires after 15 minutes and the password reset link expires after three hours. If more time than that elapses before the learner accesses the link, they'll need to request a new one.

The invitation link can only be used once. After accepting the invitation to enroll in the course, the learner will need to go to your school URL to sign in again or follow the instructions in the confirmation email received after enrolling. 

Password reset emails are sent from If a learner's email server is blocking this address or marking it as spam, they may not receive important emails. Make sure to whitelist as needed. 

Only valid email addresses can be used to reset a password. If the email address indicated on the drop down menu is incorrect or contains a typo, contact and we can correct the address in our database. 

The user has multiple accounts. It's possible that the user has set up two or more logins under different email addresses and they are currently logged in with an email address that does not have their previous work associated with it. We're not currently able to merge together two user accounts into one user or transfer enrollments and progress from one user to another. The two accounts are considered to be two distinct users, and each account must have a unique email address. They may need to log out and log back in with a different email address. If you need help sorting this out, feel free to contact

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