This feature is currently in beta testing and pre-requires the Complete Plan or above. Admins may apply for the beta

Now your members can start the course paths assigned to them as soon as they arrive at their Home > Path screen. They won't need to wade through a bunch of email invites for every course or click any accept links like they did before.

The current beta allows you to assign existing courses and cohorts to existing members when no payment is required. Stay tuned for more...

How to "add to Path"

Here's how to assign courses to someone to take. 

  1. Open "Community" from the main menu or Dashboard. 
  2. Look up any member, and click on the settings icon next to his or her name. 
  3. Select "Add to path." 
  4. Next, choose the appropriate member role, course(s), and the specific cohort you want the member to join (if there are multiple cohorts). Optionally add a personal message. 
  5. Finally, select "Add to {first_name}'s path" and the member will be instantly enrolled in the courses you selected.

The member will be notified in-app and by email and will see the courses on their home page next time they log in. 

Here are those steps again with illustrations. 

Open Community and look up any member. Click on the settings icon next to his or her name. Select "Add to path..." 

Choose the role (defaults to Learner) and the courses you want to assign. 

If you're using multiple cohorts per course, choose the exact cohort you want the member to join. 

Review your selections and add a personal note if desired. Select the Add to Path button. 

You'll receive a confirmation message. If there are any errors (for example, if the member was already enrolled in the course you selected, you'll see a notification with those details). 

You'll see the courses on the member's profile card. 

You can see the enrollments listed under their activity. 

Here's what the member (in this case, a Learner) will see. They will find the courses on their home page and be notified in app and by email. 

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