If you have our "multiple Cohorts" feature enabled in your school, you can create a new Cohort to teach at any time. Each new Cohort will have its own name, its own privacy, and pricing settings, a unique class roster, and discussion posts and progress limited to those learners enrolled in the Cohort.

Create a new Cohort 

  1. Go to your "Design" tab on your homepage and open the course. You'll see "Source" indicated just beneath the course title at the top of the Path. 
  2. Open the "Settings" menu in the Source version.
  3. Select "Create a new Cohort."
  4. Name your cohort and click Create, and then configure your settings however you’d like.

Here are those steps again: 

Alternately, you can add a new cohort from the course "About" page where all the cohorts are listed. Either method will do the job. Here's how to add a new Cohort from the About page:

Make yourself the teacher in a new Cohort

Once you have the new Cohort, here's how to set yourself as Teacher

  1. Open the course to the Path and select the “Invite Staff” button at the top of the page directly underneath the course title. 
  2. Select the Teacher option and then copy the invitation link to your clipboard. 
  3. Paste the Teacher link into a new browser tab while logged in and you will be automatically enrolled. Or, send it to someone else to invite them to join as a teacher. 

Need help inviting learners? 

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