A Cohort is a group of people taking a course together. You can create a new Cohort to teach at any time. Each new Cohort will have its own name, its own privacy and pricing settings, a unique class roster, and discussion posts and progress limited to those learners enrolled in the Cohort.

Create a new Cohort 

  1. Go to your Teach on your Home page and select the "New Cohort" button in the upper right corner.

  2. Click in the next box and choose from the current courses that are available, or type in a new course name to create a new course.

  3. In the lower textbox, enter the name you would like to give your Cohort and click the "Create" button.

Here are those steps again: 

Select "New Cohort"

Choose an existing course from the dropdown menu, or type in a new course title to create a brand new course.

Type in a name for your new Cohort, and select the "Create" button.

You'll be automatically enrolled as the teacher.

Next steps

  1. Invite people to take your course or invite additional teachers and moderators: Invite people to your course

  2. Adjust the Cohort settings and visibility: Edit Cohort settings

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