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Can I copy a course?

Explore three ways that Pathwright lets you reuse your content.

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The ability to reuse content is crucial to most online learning management, so we have provided three unique ways to replicate and reuse your material in different settings. 

Create multiple Cohorts from a single course

This feature is currently unique to Pathwright, so let's define some terms. 

  • A Course is the topic you're teaching and it's first thing you will create in your Pathwright school. A course might be "Photography 101" or "Introduction to Business Ethics" or "Advanced Web Design." You get the picture.

  • Within a Course, you will build out the Source Path. A good way to think about your Source is as your best and most current version of the Course with all the core content.

  • A Cohort is a unique group of people moving through your Course together. Cohorts can have their own teachers, moderators, learners, schedules, prices, and even unique Steps or Lessons in their Cohort Path. Cohorts maintain a link to the Source Path which enables you to keep many Cohorts going at once while keeping everything up to date.

Each new Cohort will generate with the exact same content and you'll be able to keep all Cohorts up to date by making your edits once in the Source version of the Path. You will be able to customize each Cohort and offer them at different price points and/or on different schedules. 

If you'd like to reteach your course to a new Cohort, you can simply add a new Cohort.

Duplicate an entire Course

A Course duplicate can be used if you have a Course that you'd like to break into several shorter courses with the same or similar content. A Course copy is also useful if you need another version of a Course that is significantly different but structured similarly or shares some content (a revision, translation, etc.). Additionally, if you are an administrator of two or more Pathwright accounts, you can copy a Course from your Design tab in one account and paste to your Design tab in the other account.

To create a full Course copy...

  1. Find the Course you wish to copy on the Design tab of your Home page.

  2. Select the ellipsis menu (...) in the upper right corner of the Course and then click "Copy". The status will change to "Copied" when the course is on your clipboard.

  3. This activates a corresponding "Paste" button at the top of the Design tab. After clicking the "Paste" icon, the window scrolls to the location of the duplicated Course.

Copy a course from one Pathwright account to another

An administrator can paste a copied course on the Design tab of any school account of which they are an administrator while logged into both with the same user.

If you don't have admin access in both accounts, you may request a course transfer and we'll make a copy of the entire course and move it over for you. We'll need the original course URL and the new account URL. Please send requests via the support chat and provide your email address, or email us at

If the original course is in an account where you do not have admin access, please have one of the school admins approve the copy first. They can simply email us at with consent from the email address they use to log into their account.

Only the course content and branding is able to be transferred. Cohorts, learner enrollments, learner progress and data, etc. cannot be transferred at this time.

Copy + paste individual lessons and steps

If you just want to reuse some of your content, you can copy and paste lessons and steps on the same course Path or from one course to another. Here's how to use instant copy + paste:

  1. Open the course Path that you'd like to copy from and switch to "Design" mode if necessary.

  2. Tap the copy icon to the right of the Lesson or Step you'd like to copy.

  3. Now, locate where you'd like to paste the content. If you copied a Lesson, you'll see a highlighted "paste" icon to the right of the "Add another lesson" area. If you copied a step, you'll see the paste icon to the right of the "Add a step..." option. 

  4. Once you know where you want to paste, just tap the paste icon. Voilá! You've just copy + pasted ✨. The entire Step or Lesson and all its content has been copied over. 

Learn more and find a video demo in this article: "Copy and paste lessons and steps."


Course copies and new Cohorts will generate from your Source Path. If your Source Path is not up-to-date with your latest content, you may need to correct that first. If your best content is in one of your Cohorts, you can sync from the Cohort to the Source Path to update it. Learn more about syncing here.

Lessons with no steps and steps with no content will not be shared with your learners. Make sure all your content is built out, steps are published, and content is synced before making your copy for best results.

Collections cannot currently be copied. Create a new Collection and add the desired courses. You can first create copies of the course before adding them to the Collection if you'll be significantly changing the content for the new Collection.

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