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Completing a Cohort moves all learners, moderators, and teachers to an observer-only view. Accessing the Cohort link from the Completed Cohorts sections of their home page, they'll be able review all content, keep past progress, and review any submissions and notes they added. They won't be able to complete or post anything new.

Completed Cohorts also will no longer receive updates from the Source. If your plan limits the number of active cohorts per course, completing a cohort removes it from the quota and frees up an extra spot for a new cohort.

Note: you can't currently reverse a completed Cohort in the UI, but if you happen to accidentally mark one as complete too soon – no worries. Just let us know and we'll get that corrected for you.

How to mark a Cohort complete

  1. If you are viewing the Cohort Path, select the three dots (...) just below the course title and to the right of the Cohort name. If you are on your Home page with the toggle set to Teach, you'll find the three dots (...) in the upper right corner of the Cohort. Selecting the button with the three dots will open a menu with additional actions.

  2. With the drop down menu open, select "Mark Cohort as Complete."

  3. Select "Confirm and Complete."

From the Cohort Path

From the Teach tab on your Home page

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