Sending personal invites to one person or hundreds of people is quick and easy. 

💡 Tip: you can also make your course discoverable within your Library so that your members – or even anyone in the world – can find it and join on their own. Here's how to make your course available from your Library.

How to send personal invitations

1. Send invitations by email

  • First, view the Cohort Path you'd like to invite people to join. If you don't have a Cohort Path, yet, create a new Cohort.

  • Now, select the "Invite" button from the top of the Path.

  • Enter the email address of each person you wish to invite. To invite many people at once, just add multiple emails with commas in between them. Invite up to 50 people at a time this way. 

  • Choose the role you'd like the people you're inviting to have (defaults to learner). 

  • Optionally, add a personal message (recommended). Now, just hit the "Send Invites" button. Your people will receive their invitation in their inbox in moments.

If you're looking to invite people to join from your intranet, a Slack channel, or some other communication, using a private invite link is a helpful option. To get a private link:

  • Select the "Invite" button from the top of the Path.

  • Select "get a shareable link."

  • Choose the role you want to use (defaults to learner). 

  • Use the "Copy link" button to copy the link into your computer's clipboard.

  • Now simply paste the link anywhere you'd like to use it.

💡Tip: If you'd like to share your invitation link in a more presentational way, you can add it to text as a hyperlink, shorten it using a URL shortener like TinyURL, or create a QR code using a free generator like QR Code Generator.

The recipient will be prompted to create a new account (or sign in with an existing account) and pay any price you've set on the course. If the course is free and the invitee is signed in, they will be enrolled instantly upon clicking the link. 

Need to check on the status of an invite, resend an invite, or revoke an invite? See how to check the status of sent invites here. 

Change the sender

By default, invites that you send by entering email addresses will show up to the invitee as coming from you personally, with your name and profile picture. If you'd prefer to send the invites as coming from the account name, select "From [account_name]" from the drop down menu before sending (option is visible to admins only). 

Invite moderators or teachers

In most cases, you'll be automatically set as the teacher of the course. To invite additional moderators or teachers, use the "Invite staff" button and be sure to select the intended role before sending the invite. Review all member roles here. 

For those using multiple cohorts

 If you have multiple cohorts enabled, you may need to first create a new cohort to which you can invite people. Create a new cohort and then proceed to inviting learners and staff. 

When adding a new cohort, or teaching a course that someone else created, you may need to enroll yourself as the teacher. See how to add yourself as a teacher here.

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