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Create your own privacy policy and consent checkbox
Create your own privacy policy and consent checkbox

Add an optional checkbox opt-in to your account creation screen and link to your own custom privacy policy.

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Create your own privacy policy to keep your account GDPR compliant or reference your organization's unique terms. Optionally add a customized opt-in checkbox so learners can sign-off on your use of their email address to send promotional emails or use their data in any way. 

By signing up for an account, all users agree to the Pathwright Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Link to or create your own privacy policy

If you add a custom privacy policy page, it will automatically be linked to your account in the Library footer.

You can add your privacy policy under your Administrator Dashboard > Account Settings.

  • Select the Configure privacy policy option and toggle on the option to use your own privacy policy.

  • Select Edit custom privacy policy and make any necessary modifications to the name, title, and description.

  • When you're ready to add the content of your policy, select Manage page content.

  • You can either 1) choose to link to an existing privacy policy that you have hosted on another website or 2) create / paste in the text of your privacy policy using our new builder called "Blocks". 

  • Be sure to toggle on Set this page live and save. 

Enable an opt-in consent checkbox

If you enable the opt-in consent option, it will appear on your "create account" screen.

You can toggle this setting from Dashboard > Account Settings.

After you have toggled Enable opt-in agreement on sign-up on, fill in the Opt-in description with a clear, concise description of what personal data use they are opting into:

Don't forget to Save. Once you do, an additional checkbox will appear with the opt-in description whenever a new member signs up for your account.

When a member gives or withholds consent, that is now stored with their member record and you can export this field with your other member data in order to update any external communication software you share user data with.

For example, if you export or share your member data collected in Pathwright with Mailchimp, Intercom, or others messaging services, you’ll need to know they’re “unsubscribed” from any promotional emails you send via those systems so you don’t accidentally send an email to a member who has not given you consent to do so.

All consents to the consent opt-in field to date are stored in your Member Report, which can be downloaded from your Account Settings.

Use with Zapier integrations

We've also added the consent fields (consent_dtime and consent_description) to the Zapier triggers "New School Membership" and "New Student Class Registration."

If triggering emails via Zapier, add the filter type "Continue only if," and select the condition that the timestamp on the consent form is after 01/01/2018. 

GDPR compliance

See the main article on GDPR compliance here

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