Manage your account contact information

Designate the email addresses used for your account owner, billing contact, support contact, and various notifications.

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Here's an overview of email addresses, reply-to addresses, and sending addresses that you may see on emails, and how admins can update important contact email addresses. 

Primary owner/admin

The account owner receives all account-related emails and has authority to make decisions about the account such as upgrading or cancelling. You can have as many admins as you like in each account, but only one is designated as the primary owner. 

By default, the primary owner is the person who created the account, and we'll use the email address on your login to contact you. You can change the email on your login under your profile settings

If you need to transfer ownership to another admin, just send us a chat message or email us and we can help you transfer ownership. 

Billing contact

The billing contact receives important billing-related notices. For instance, if we can't process a payment, we'll automatically notify the email address associated with your billing. 

By default, the billing contact is the admin who activated the account. If you need to use a different billing contact, send us a chat message or email and we'll be sure to update that for you. 

School support contact

Your school support contact is the email address that appears 1) when learners or visitors click the "Need help?" button in your account and 2) at the bottom of some automatic email notifications and invitations. 

Editing your school support policy and contact

You can update your school support information that appears when members or visitors click "Need help?" by opening "Settings" from the main menu and then going to "Add account information," then "Support contact information." 

A contact email address is required. You can optionally add a phone number and additional information (your support hours or support policy, for instance). 

Preview your contact information to see it as learners will see it:

Note: if you integrate an Intercom chat with your account, the "Need help?" button will open your Intercom chat instead of directing people to your support information.

Your support address on email notifications

Most email notifications have this footer (discussion notifications and messages to the class have an alternate footer):

Sent from [account_name_with_link_to_account]
Please contact us at [mailto_support_email] with any questions

Reply-to address on automated notifications

This is the email address used in all reply-to headers for automated emails.

By default, the reply-to email address on notifications is If you'd like to designate a custom reply-to address, send us a chat message or email and we'll be sure to update that for you. 

Personal invitations use the sender's email associated with their login as the reply-to address. 

By default, invites that you send by entering email addresses will show up to the invitee as coming from you personally, with your name and profile picture, and your email address associated with your login as the reply-to address. 

If you'd prefer to send the invites as coming from the account name, select "From [account_name]" from the drop down menu before sending (option is visible to admins only). Replies will go to your support contact email address. 

The sending email address cannot be customized at this time and will appear as (no reply). 

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