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View, in one succinct list, all the varied ways you can offer courses with Pathwright.

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We've provided many different options for selling your courses - or offering them for free. It might be helpful to see a brief description of each option. Explore the links for more information. 

Individual Pricing

Publish an individual course and set a one-time purchase price. See change the price of a course. Or, offer the course for free publicly or privately (normal fees apply). 

Multiple Cohorts with Tiered Pricing

Publish multiple cohorts (requires multiple cohorts feature) and offer different pricing for different cohort options. Include in the description what features are included in the purchase price.

Learn more about multiple cohorts

See what you can include in the cohort description under make a great course pitch. 

Subscription Only

Once a subscription plan is set up, you can opt to make cohorts available by subscription only. All the courses you include in the subscription plan will be available for an automatically renewing monthly or annual subscription fee. See how to set up a subscription plan under offer a monthly or annual subscription plan. 

Subscription and/or Individual Pricing

You can also make classes available both by subscription and by individual purchase. Users can choose to subscribe to access courses for the life of their subscription, or they can purchase the course outright for lifetime or limited access. 

Member-created cohorts

Offer a special price for members of a private group. A member-created cohort can be set up by anyone who visits the site. You can choose to assign the cohort creator the role of learner, moderator, or teacher (defaults to moderator). The cohort creator can then invite others to join his or her private cohort, and they will not be mixed in with other members from your school. This is ideal for organizations and classrooms that want to purchase your curriculum for use in a private cohort. See more under offer courses to member-created cohorts. 

Sell Courses Outside of Pathwright

Do you already have a sales page outside of your Pathwright school? Prefer to collect payment by PayPal or another method? No problem. See how to accept payment outside of Pathwright. 

Offer Privately, for Members, or Publicly

You can offer courses publicly, by direct invitation-only, or invite people to become members of your school in order to self-enroll. See how to control all these visibility settings here. Almost any combination of these settings is possible. 

Offer a Discount

Want to promote your courses or give certain people discounted or free access? Offer discounts via discount codes. 

Recurring Installment Payments

If you set up an account with Moonclerk, you can optionally set up recurring installments for payments on a course. Here's how that works:

  1. Make each course public and available for purchase for a one-time fee on Pathwright, using Stripe to collect those payments. 

  2. Set up a Moonclerk account and link to that as an alternate payment option on the public course registration page. You can add a hyperlink in the cohort description or course description.
    (For an invite-only course, you'll need to find another way to link prospective learners to the Moonclerk payment option.)

  3. Create discount codes for free access that you can use to let clients bypass the one-time fee and pay by installment instead.

  4. (Optionally) set up a "Zap" on Zapier that will automatically send a registration link and free discount code to those who have initiated payment for the course through Moonclerk. Here's an example: You could also do this manually, but a Zap is recommended for efficiency with larger cohorts. You also have the option to append the discount code to the invite link so learners will automatically get free access without manually entering a code.

Clients will click the link to Moonclerk, pay the first installment, and receive the email with the invitation link. Upon clicking the link in the email, they will be prompted to enroll in the course for free. If they fail in their payments, you can easily revoke their access to the course or to the school.

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