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You can now create single discount codes, or sets of discount codes with the same specifications, directly from the Account Settings. Learn more about how discount codes work here. 

Instructions are for Pathwright accounts accepting payment via Stripe. Only administrators can access the discount code creator. 

How to create discount codes

  1. Open your Account Settings from the main menu or your Dashboard. 

  2. Go to Manage commerce -> Manage discounts -> Create course discount codes.

  3. Fill out the form with your desired specifications and select Create Code(s).

That's it! Your codes will be created and the final confirmation screen will have a link to copy or download your codes. 

Here are step-by-step instructions. 

Open your Account Settings from your main menu or Dashboard and select Manage commerce.

Go to Manage discounts. 

Go to Create course discount codes.

Using the form provided, fill out the specifications for your code or set of codes. 

If you need several codes with different specifications, select Create a one-off code and create one code at a time. If you need a set of codes that all have the same specifications, select Create a set of codes. 

Enter a name or prefix for your code. If you're creating a set of codes, a random string will follow the prefix on each code. 

Enter your discount percentage. For example, enter 50 for 50% off or enter 100 for 100% off (free access). 

Choose which courses the discount code(s) should apply to: all current and future courses in your account, or only selected courses. 

If you choose to select courses, a course selector dialog will open and you can select from a list of all the courses in your account. Select one or more. 

Finally, you'll determine whether your code(s) should be good for unlimited uses or whether you want to restrict usage. 

One use per person: if toggled on, the code(s) will be restricted to one use per person. If toggled off, one person can apply a code multiple times. 

Limit total uses: if toggled on, you'll be able to designate a specific number of times that the code(s) can each be used. Enter the maximum number of uses that should apply to your code(s). If creating a set of codes, each code will be good for this number of uses. If toggled off, the code(s) will be good for unlimited total uses. 

Optionally add an expiration date. Your code(s) will no longer be valid for use after this date (cannot be edited later). 

Select Create Code to finish. 

Copy your code or download the CSV file for your set of codes. 

You can find all codes you've created and view data on code redemption by going to Account Settings - Download reports. 

Request discount codes

Need discount codes for a subscription plan or for member-created cohort purchases or need a set of codes larger than 100 codes? 

See how to make a discount code request here.

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