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📢About page: Make a great course pitch
📢About page: Make a great course pitch

How to use your Path About page to persuade people to take your course Path.

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Time is money. So even if you're not asking people to pay for your course, you're asking them to spend a good chunk of their precious time and mental effort. For most people this will take some intentional, careful persuasion.

The Path "About" page is a one-stop page where you can pitch your Path and learners can register by clicking the "Join" button. This article guides you through creating an About page that helps you persuade people to sign up and feel motivated to start learning.

Your Path About page

The "About" page for your Path has room for everything your learners and potential learners need to know before they commit to taking your course Path. It includes...

  • A brief summary

  • A longer Path description

  • Path author name, picture, and bio information

  • Features of each cohort that they can select to register in

  • Information about availability and price for each cohort

  • A Path trailer video (optional)

How to make a persuasive pitch

Write an effective description

  • Click any one of the pencil icons on your About page. Under "Summary," add all the information you want someone to know before taking this course Path. You can include images and hyperlinks as well as text. 

Here are some ideas about what to include....

  • What the student will learn and how this will benefit him

  • Objectives for the Path

  • How long the Path takes most people to complete

  • What is included in the Path - video, audio, discussion, live sessions, etc. 

  • Prerequisites - if learners should enroll in another Path before taking this one, consider linking to the required Path

  • Do you offer a scholarship? A certificate? CEUs? Include that here!

Make a short elevator pitch

  • Under "About," use one sentence to describe why someone should take this course.

  • Make this an attention-getting statement and keep it short and sweet.

Describe what they'll get when they join

  • Cohorts are listed on the right side of the screen on your About page. To edit the displayed description for a Cohort, click the gear-shaped Settings icon. Select "Edit Cohort description" and you'll have a place to enter a description of this Cohort. You can include images and hyperlinks here as well as text. 

Here are some ideas about what to include...

  • Consider using a bulleted list

  • Include features or benefits unique to this cohort

  • Is the Path self-paced or scheduled? 

  • Does the Path come with active moderators who are available to discuss and offer feedback? 

  • Who else is taking the Path? (Is it a worldwide audience or a specific group?)

Make a video pitch (optional)

  • To embed a Path trailer, click on any of the pencil icons on the About page. You'll see a place to paste the embed code under "Video Preview." Please use the full embed code and not just a URL. The video will need to come from a video hosting service that uses https, such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Increase value by introducing the Authors (optional)

  • Select "Add author" to add or remove authors. Use the Author Manager (accessible via the gear-shaped "Settings" icon) to create a new author. 

  • Full instructions are available under "Add authors to your path About page."

Upload a Path cover

Don't forget the aesthetics. Upload a beautiful, brand-appropriate cover image. Find instructions for customizing your Path cover here. 

A few examples of effective About pages

Auto-fill elements

Some elements that you see will fill automatically or when you adjust certain settings. These include...

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