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How to report a technical issue
How to report a technical issue

Here's what we'll need to know when you or one of your learners experiences a technical issue of any kind.

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What happens when a user reports having some type of "issue." Is it user error? A login problem? A tricky technical issue that will need to be escalated to support? 

Very often, some simple tips like logging in at the correct web address with the correct email address, or checking internet connection and refreshing the browser will resolve the issue. See how to help someone having trouble logging in.

If you think you've ruled out a simple login or user issue, please collect the following information from the member experiencing the issue and then forward it to We'll respond to you as quickly as possible, and/or follow up directly with the learner if necessary.

What to ask when someone reports an issue

  1. What is the email address of the user reporting the issue?

  2. What is the URL where you are experiencing the issue? Copy the web address from your browser and paste it into your response. 

  3. Does refreshing your browser or logging out and logging back in resolve the issue? 

  4. Briefly describe the issue: what did you do? what did you expect to happen? what actually happened? Provide screenshots or a screen capture if you can. Include any error messages in your screenshots. 

  5. What device(s) and browser(s) (include browser version number) have you tried? Do you get the same results on another browser? Check your browser version and operating system here. We support Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox. 

  6. Are there any other steps you've taken already to try to resolve the issue? 

Find a learner-facing article with these instructions here.

Often, these steps will resolve the issue or help you identify a user error. If not, you can continue with the instructions below or forward to and provide the email address of the learner you'd like us to get in touch with. 

Steps to try next

  1. Make sure your browser is up-to-date (we support the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox), or switch to another up-to-date browser. 

  2. Check under your browser settings to see if you have an ad blocker, tracking blocker, anti-virus plug-in, or pop-up blocker and try disabling it for the site. Have you blocked "cookies" for the site? Cookies may be required for some external login systems. Try enabling cookies.

  3. Does your browser automatically translate the page into another language? Try disabling the translate feature to see if that resolves the issue.

  4. Try an alternate internet source. Your internet may have a firewall that is blocking the site. If the issue seems to be related to a school or workplace internet source, talk with your IT department and try to have the issue resolved by whitelisting and all subprocessors.

  5. If none of the above resolve the issue, please open your browser console and take a screenshot that includes the full screen, showing the issue and including any red error messages in the console. Send that in to so we can take a look. The quickest way to open the browser console is by holding three keys at the same time.
    Windows: CTRL + SHIFT + J
    Mac: Command + Option + C (see further instructions here)

More help

Here's how you can get more help: how to get help (for staff)

Here are help articles you can share with your learners: troubleshoot technical issues (for learners) and how to reset your password.

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