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Troubleshoot technical issues (for learners)
Troubleshoot technical issues (for learners)

Make sure you're using a supported browser and find tips for resolving common browser and network-related issues.

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Supported browsers

Supported browsers include the two most recent versions of Google Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox. Other browsers (e.g. Opera, Internet Explorer, older versions of the supported browsers) are not supported and may not function well. If your browser is unsupported, try updating it or installing a new one. 

Troubleshooting tips

If you are using a supported browser, but you're still having a browser or network-related issue, try taking the following steps. 

  1. Make sure your browser is up-to-date (we support the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox), or switch to another up-to-date browser. 

  2. Try refreshing your browser, or log out and log in. 

  3. Check under your browser settings to see if you have an ad blocker, tracking blocker, anti-virus plug-in, or pop-up blocker and try disabling it for the site. Have you blocked "cookies" for the site? Cookies may be required for some external login systems. Try enabling cookies.

  4. Try an alternate internet source. Your network may have a firewall that is blocking the site. If the issue seems to be related to a school or workplace internet source, talk with your IT department and try to have the issue resolved by whitelisting and all subprocessors.

  5. Does your browser automatically translate the page into another language? Try disabling the translate feature to see if that resolves the issue.

  6. Close other applications that may be open at the same time, which can drain memory or processing power.

  7. Disconnect other Internet (e.g. Wi-Fi) connected devices that may be connected at the same time. 

  8. Check your Internet download speed. Your Wi-Fi or mobile signal indicator does not correlate to your download speed. There are a number of websites where you can conduct a free “Internet speed test.”

  9. Restart your computer or device and try again.

Get more help

Can't resolve the issue? Contact your school support line by selecting “Need Help?” on the site menu. 

Please include the following when reporting an issue: 

  • Your email address that you use to sign into the courses. 

  • The browser version and type of device you are using to access the course. If you're using an app, let us know which app. 

  • Briefly describe the issue: what did you do? what did you expect to happen? what actually happened? Provide screenshots or a screen recording if possible. 

  • Are you seeing any error messages? Provide a screenshot or the text of the message

  • What is the URL (web address) where you are experiencing the issue? Copy the web address from your browser and paste it into your report. 

  • What other steps have you taken so far to resolve the issue? 

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