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πŸ“š Library: make your courses available for anyone to take
πŸ“š Library: make your courses available for anyone to take

The Library page is where anyone can purchase and/or self-enroll in courses that you've made discoverable.

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For admins and library editors

The Library is the default landing page and sales page in your account. It is primarily learner-facing.

Visibility and accessibility of the Library

If you make your courses "Public," anyone can discover and self-enroll in Courses from your Library page. If you make Courses "Members-only," anyone who is a member in your account can discover and self-enroll in courses from your Library page. If you keep all your Courses exclusively private and "Invite-only," then you won't really use the Library page, but you can still access all Courses there as an admin.

Your account URL will look something like this:

Before you release your first public course, your account URL will bring people to a sign-in screen, like this:

After releasing a public course, your account URL will bring people directly to your Library:

Registration through the Library

Once you've made at least one course discoverable to the public or to your members, visitors or members can start learning from the Library by selecting a course and then clicking or tapping the "Take Course" button. When anyone registers from the Library, they will be prompted to create an account and pay any price you have set on the course.

You can also copy the URL from a specific course's "About" page to share on your external website or on social media. Learners will be able to review information about the course, choose from among multiple cohort offerings if applicable, and then click or tap the "Take Course" button to register.

If you've made any content available for visitor preview, prospective learners will be able to view the selected content before they purchase.


As your default landing page, the Library showcases your account's branding in several ways.

Your Account branding appears on the browser tab, navigation bar, and accent colors through the Library.

Library banners can showcase your account branding or highlight specific promotions.

Course covers and course About pages are also opportunities to ensure your offerings are on-brand.


An integrated Library search is now available for all accounts to help learners search resource titles and descriptions and more easily find something to learn next.


Categories make it easier for visitors and members to filter and search your Library, especially if your Library contains a large number of courses. Each Course can be assigned to one or more Category in your Library. If your Courses are public or visible to members in your Library, then your Library users will be able to filter them by category to quickly find something new to learn.


If you assign author profiles to your courses, learners will be able to filter all courses in your Library by course author.

Filters and order of courses

There are several filters present at the top of the Library that determine the order that courses will be shown: the "new" filter, the "popular" filter, and the "featured" filter. The "featured" filter uses an algorithm to order the courses based on a combination of date of creation and popularity.

It's not currently possible to override the order of courses via the interface, but we do have Library updates in-progress that will give you much more control over how you organize the Library. Stay tuned!

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