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🚩Library banner: Design a custom header
🚩Library banner: Design a custom header

Give your Library a punch of color and personality by adding a Library banner that matches your brand.

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Your Pathwright account starts out with a basic banner template in the Library. The Library is your default landing and sales page. Upload your own images and add text and button links to make the banner your own. 

Before and After

How to add a new Library Banner

  1. Select the gear icon that says “Library Settings.” (On smaller screens, only the gear icon will be visible.) 

  2. Select "Manage Banners" then “New Banner” to start designing. Or, select an existing banner to edit. 

  3. Hover over the banner preview and click "Upload" to add an existing file from your Media Manager or upload a new image. You can blur the image or use the color overlay option to add a solid or semi-transparent color. This can be used to tint or darken your image, so text shows up with better contrast. 

  4. Add a heading and (optionally) a subheading. This is the text that will appear over your banner image. Use a button link to add a hyperlinked button to an external website, a featured course, another page on your site, or your subscription plan. 


  • Banner image width and height is flexible—no matter the size or shape the image will be resized to fit automagically. But in terms of resolution, 1400x400 pixels or larger is a safe size. 

  • Don’t include any text or meant-to-be-read details. You’ll get a separate place to enter text as you set up your banner/s.

  • Making sure that images you use aren’t too high-contrast and don’t contain too much detail will help text set on top of them read more easily. For example, here’s a safe image, and here’s a risky one.

  • If you want to get nerdy about it, try picking or editing images to have primarily midtones.

  • If you add multiple banners, your banner area will automatically scroll through the banners. 

  • To delete a banner, select it from the banner manager and choose the delete option at the bottom.

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