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📂Categories: Help anyone find something new to learn
📂Categories: Help anyone find something new to learn

Use categories to organize your Paths your Library.

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For administrators

Categories make it easier for visitors and learners to filter and search your Library, especially if your Library contains a large number of courses. Each Path can be assigned to one or more Category in your Library. If your Paths are public or visible to members in your Library, then your Library users will be able to filter them by Category to quickly find something new to learn.

Add and edit categories

  1. To access the Category manager from the Library, select the gear icon beside “Category” on the left menu. On smaller screens, this menu can be found under “Filter.”

  2. To add a new Category, select “New Category.” Add a name for your Category. This will be displayed on the left menu in the Library. Add a description (optional) to help you remember how you are using this Category. Your description will not be displayed to others. 

  3. To edit a Category, open "Manage Categories," select a Category, and edit the Category name. 

Add a Path to a Category

  1. Open the gear icon or select "Configure Path" on the Path you want to categorize. With the Course Settings open, select "Configure Course info."

  2. Add the Path to pre-existing Categories by selecting them from the drop down menu under "Categories." You'll need to associate each Path with each Category that you want it included in. You can select multiple Categories.

  3. Need to edit or add a Category on the fly? Click the gear icon to the right of "Categories" from this screen to add or edit categories. 

Link to categories

If your Courses are public, you can send anyone directly to a certain Category by clicking on that Category from your Library, copying the URL, and sharing that link. 

If your Courses are members-only, you can send existing members directly to a certain Category the same way. 

If your Courses are private, learners will need to be added or provided with a link by a staff member and the Courses will not be displayed anywhere in your Library. Linking to a category containing private Courses will not give anyone access to view or enroll in them.

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