Getting set up for payments

If you haven't set up a Stripe account yet, you'll need create and link your Stripe account with Pathwright in order to accept payment for a course directly through the Pathwright interface. Learn more about Stripe here. 

How to set the price of a Cohort

  1. Open your Cohort and select the three dots (...) at the top of the course Path directly under the name of the course. This will open a menu with additional options.

  2. Select "Edit Cohort Settings" from the menu.

2. From Cohort Settings, select “Commerce.”

3. From the Commerce screen, add a price or change the price. Save your changes and exit. 

Subscription pricing

If you have one or more subscription plans set up, you can also opt the Cohort in or out of each plan from this screen. 

You can offer both single-purchase and subscription-based pricing on each Cohort. If you'd like to make the Cohort subscription-only, check "Not available for non-subscribers" and check one or more plans. 

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