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👓Visitor Preview: Allow visitors to preview content before purchase
👓Visitor Preview: Allow visitors to preview content before purchase

Optionally let visitors preview content in selected steps before registering.

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It's often beneficial to let potential learners preview a portion of a course before they enroll. Our preview setting allows you to designate certain steps as available for viewing by the public without a login. 

💡Tip: no part of a private course is visible until after registration. This includes the course "About" page and the "Preview" of the course Path. Making steps available for preview will not override the visibility settings or a future start date, so you may need to adjust these settings in order for the preview to be available.

How to make steps available for preview

You can opt to make individual steps available for preview under the Step Settings.

  1. From a public Cohort Path, open the step you wish to make available for visitors to preview.

  2. With the “Design” button toggled on, select Settings (gear icon) in the upper right corner of the step.

  3. Select "More Settings." Under "Step visibility," select "Anyone can preview."

  4. Be sure to sync the changes using the Sync icon in the upper right corner of the page.

How to use Preview Mode

If you make a step available for preview, and publish the cohort as a public offering, anyone will be able to see the content of that step under the Path Preview tab without signing in or registering for the course. Use to allow potential learners to demo a certain part of your course, i.e., the first lesson. 

If your course is members-only, then only currently members with access to your account will be able to preview content before enrolling.

Note that as Preview Mode does not include progress tracking, we do not currently support Preview Mode for steps containing assessments. Discussions will also be hidden in Preview Mode. 

Any steps that are not available for preview will show a lock screen. 

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