If you're curious about how our pricing works or which plan is right for you, then you'll want to check out our How Pathwright pricing and billing works article first.

If you have more detailed questions, you'll find them here:

Pricing FAQs

How does Pathwright bill me?

Once you activate your Pathwright account by entering a credit card, we'll bill the card on file for your plan amount every 30 days or every 12 months depending on the billing frequency you choose.

Can I get a free trial?

You can use a Pathwright account to build courses and configure your account for free for as long as you'd like. Once you're ready to offer a course, just pick the plan that's right for you to unlock the paid features you need.

Additionally, if you activate on a monthly plan you may cancel anytime before the first 30 days and you won’t be charged. 

Who counts as a “member”?

Every plan includes 1,000 members in the price and can grow to any amount. In fact, our largest account has over 500,000 members!

(If you're wondering, 1,000 members is more than enough to get started and grow a healthy teaching business or community for 95% of Pathwright accounts).

A “member” is anyone with a membership in your account. You can manage your members from the Community manager. 

Additionally, you may remove access from any member at any time. You can remove access individually or mass-remove members based on how recently they were active. Removing a member's access doesn't erase their data, it just prevents them from logging in. If you'd prefer they be able to still sign-back in, you can turn on a setting that will automatically restore access when they next sign-in so they won't even know anything changed.

What if I need more than 🙂 1,000 members?

Every plan starts with 1,000 members but grows to any amount at an affordable rate that scales as you grow.

Check out How pathwright pricing and billing works for a summary of any additional fees for more than 1,000 member with access on each plan.

What if I need more staff members?

Staff members are administrators, library and course editors, and lead mentors. Each plan comes with at least one staff member included in the price, but you can add more staff members anytime and an additional monthly fee will be calculated automatically. 

Check out How pathwright pricing and billing works for a summary of any additional fees for more than the included amount of staff in your plan.

Are discounts available?

Yes! You can get 10% off your plan by purchasing yearly and paying 12 months up front. Select the annual option before you sign up.

Additionally, if you’re a classroom teacher, a parent teaching in the home, or a non-profit organization using Pathwright for only those purposes, you can apply for a scholarship on the Starter Plan, Essentials Plan, or Complete Plan. We will also consider discounts for international educators, or teachers based in a country outside the United States where the exchange rate or developing country status would make it difficult to pay full price. 


💵 If you sell courses...

Are there fees for selling courses or subscriptions?

Pathwright does not take a fee from any of your course sales. Our payment processor, Stripe.com, charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. If you collect payment by another method, fees may vary. 

How do I collect my earnings for course sales?

All income from your course sales goes directly into your own Stripe.com account every day. You have have full control over your earnings – we don’t touch your money. 

Can I create free courses?

Yes, you can offer any course for free or for pay (or a mix of both). Learn more about pricing options here. 

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