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Cancel your Pathwright account subscription
Cancel your Pathwright account subscription

Unsubscribe and close your school when you're not actively using it.

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For Pathwright account admins

You can cancel your Pathwright subscription at any time by emailing us at or messaging us via the chat and requesting to unsubscribe. 

We'll keep your work intact and you can reactivate any time under the same URL. While the school is deactivated, you as the admin can continue accessing your courses and building for free. Learners, moderators, teachers, and editors will not be able to access courses. 

We will need confirmation from the account owner to close a school. Please allow at least two business days. 

*If you are on a billing plan from before the Fall of 2016, a custom plan, or a scholarship plan, we may not be able to honor that plan when you return. Here are our current plans:

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