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Pathwright's GraphQL API
Pathwright's GraphQL API

Create custom integrations by harnessing Pathwright's Graph QL API.

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Your Pathwright account comes with downloadable CSV reports and multiple integrations (Stripe, Intercom, Google Analytics) right out of the box, with any plan. Additionally, the Essentials Plan and above unlocks no-code integrations with thousands of other apps via Zapier and Webhooks. If you need more, our GraphQL API Playground is available starting on the Enterprise Plan. Our clients use our API to export grades and other custom data, integrate deeply with their CRMs, auto-create users and auto-enroll them in the courses they need to take, and more.

Developer APIs & Support

The Pathwright GraphQL API Playground allows for more advanced integrations for our Enterprise Partners. Private access to our secure GraphQL APIs allows you to deeply integrate with external systems and/or develop custom solutions for your organization. In addition, we offer direct developer support for your development and IT staff.


Access to the API starts with the Enterprise Plan. Pathwright provides the API documentation for our APIs and support related to our APIs. Pathwright does not provide support for third-party systems you might want to integrate with.


You will need a proficient developer to independently use the Pathwright APIs and integrate with your external system. We will ask for a designated API contact who we can notify about any changes or deprecations.

Next steps for those interested in using the API

If you are interested in exploring integrations with Pathwright, you and your developer can join this short learning path to review the three methods of integration with Pathwright followed by optional checklists and questions in preparation for using the GraphQL API Playground.

Getting Started Guide


For questions related to deprecation and the API Playground, please refer to this article.

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