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Keep your integrations running smoothly with API updates.
Keep your integrations running smoothly with API updates.

We'll help you keep your integrations working as planned as the Pathwright API evolves.

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If you're an Enterprise customer using our GraphQL APIs, here's what you need to know about API updates:


When we make a change to a GraphQL API that will potentially impact an external integration, we will flag the old API version as deprecated and maintain it for a minimum of 30 days.

💡Tip: depending on their IDE, your developer can configure it to highlight deprecated APIs in use within your integration code.


When we deprecate an API, we'll notify your API contact with the information they'll need at least 5 days in advance.

In the unlikely event that an API update is required to fix an urgent issue, we may need to make the change with less notification time and without immediate deprecation, but we will let your contact know as soon as possible.

How to ensure you're notified

If you haven't already shared your API contact with us, please send their name and email to and we'll add them to our API update notification list.

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