Pathwright integrates with 2,000+ apps via our integration with Zapier. In addition, we support custom integrations with Intercom, Stripe, and Google Analytics. 

For Enterprise customers, our GraphQL APIs and Webhooks are available to develop custom integrations.

Below is an overview of downloadable data and integrations. Please review the following, and let us know if you want more specific information.

Downloadable reports

There are many CSV reports available from your Account Settings and elsewhere in the interface containing data about your members and their performance, course registrations, discount code use, and more.

  • Investment: reports are included with all plans.

  • Personnel: admins can download all reports.

📈Download reports

Zapier integrations

Connect a Zapier account with your Pathwright school to enable integrations with 2,000+ other apps. This is the easiest, least expensive, and often best way to integrate with Pathwright. See also Webhooks from Zapier.

  • Investment: our Zapier integration is available starting with the Essentials Plan. A free Zapier account is enough to get started and test out a few Zaps. Here are Zapier's paid plans.

  • Personnel: most Zaps require no special coding knowledge. You will need someone who can learn Zapier to set up the integrations and to keep the integrations up-to-date. Anyone who's moderately proficient in a tool like Excel should be able to do this quite easily. More advanced automations may require you to hire a developer or contract the Pathwright team to help.

⚡Integrations in a Zap: Automate actions with Zapier

SSO (Single Sign On)

Link a supported external identity provider to allow your members to use an external login to sign into Pathwright, either as the exclusive login option, or in addition to their Pathwright login.

  • Investment: SSO starts with the Enterprise Plan, or may be added on to the Complete Plan for an additional fee by special agreement. You will need a member management system that supports SAML 2.0 or OpenID.

  • Personnel: you will need a proficient developer who can independently use the Pathwright documentation to set up, test, and complete the SSO integration with your system.

Integrate SSO with your Pathwright account

Further technical documentation for SSO

​Developer APIs & support

We also have a GraphQL API Playground that allows for more advanced integrations for our Enterprise Partners. Private access to our secure GraphQL APIs allows you to deeply integrate with external systems and/or develop custom solutions for your organization. In addition, we offer direct developer support for your development and IT staff.

  • Investment: starts with the Enterprise Plan. Pathwright provides the API documentation for our APIs and support related to our APIs. Pathwright does not provide support for third-party systems you might want to integrate with. If you have a Partner Retainer, we may provide technical guidance for sharing best practices on how to use the Pathwright APIs with your integration.

  • Personnel: you will need a proficient developer to independently use the Pathwright APIs and integrate with your external system. We will need to have a designated API contact who we can notify about any changes or deprecations.

If you are interested in exploring integrations with Pathwright, you and your developer can join this short learning path to review the three methods of integration with Pathwright followed by optional checklists and questions in preparation for using the GraphQL API Playground.

Custom integrations

Enterprise Partners can also contract the Pathwright development team to create custom integrations (if Zapier does not support your application(s)). Please contact us for more information.

Contact us

Please contact us if you would like more specific information on any of the options mentioned above or if you would like to discuss your plan.

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