Discussion prompts and personal questions can be added to any step in the course. All these forums are also collected under the Community tab. Use Community to filter, view, and respond to all the discussions in the cohort you're teaching or moderating. 

Read more about how discussions work here. 


  • The default for the Community page is to show "All" discussion questions and personal questions. 

  • Anyone can switch this filter to view just discussion prompts or just personal questions. A teacher or moderator will most likely find the "Unanswered" view helpful.

  • You can also filter your results to see "Recently active," "Recently posted," "Most active," or "Most upvoted" discussions first. 

💡 Tip: posts with unread responses will show a colored dot notification. 

Navigation tips

  • If you are under the Community tab, you can navigate back to the learning step associated with any of the questions by opening it and then clicking on the step name at the top.

  • If you'd like to share a direct link to a discussion with the entire class to highlight another learner's response, you can do so by going to the step, clicking on the discussion, copying the URL from the top, and then messaging that to the class.

Automatic Notifications

If you are enrolled as a teacher or moderator, you'll be notified when anyone in your cohort...

  1. Asks a question below a step or posts a question to the Community.

  2. Answers a discussion prompt.

  3. Replies to you.

You can follow any notification straight to the original discussion by clicking on it. You can manage discussion notifications for each cohort under your Teach tab, by clicking the down arrow icon and then toggling notifications on or off. 

Learn more about managing your notifications here. 


A learner can subscribe to any discussion prompt or any personal question to receive an email and in-app notification anytime someone answers the question. 

In some cases, members may want to subscribe to an individual discussion in order to get every response to that discussion, and not just direct responses to their own posts. To subscribe to a discussion, a learner can select the "Subscribe" button. 

To unsubscribe and stop receiving all notifications, the learner will need to select the "Unsubscribe" button. 

They can follow any notification straight to the original discussion by clicking on it. Once the discussion opens, the learner can then use the unsubscribe button to stop receiving further notifications.

Ask to respond

If there are multiple teachers/moderators in a class, you can ask a specific staff member to respond to a discussion prompt or someone's response.

When a notification has been successfully sent to a teammate, you'll see the name fade and a checkmark will appear. The notification message will include a link to the discussion and will indicate that you have asked this teammate to respond. 

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