Personalize your profile

Learners can add a head shot, edit their name, and add a location and bio information to their profile.

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Updating your profile is a great way to let your classmates and teachers know who you are. 

You can access your profile settings from your Home screen by clicking the "Your Settings" gear beside your name, or by selecting "Your Settings" from the drop down menu in the upper right corner under your profile picture.

Upload a picture

A profile picture helps your fellow learners and teachers relate to you more personally when interacting with you in discussion or evaluating your work. We recommend uploading a picture that clearly shows your face in the center of the photo, like this:

To upload a new picture, hover over the profile picture, click "Upload" and select an image from your device. Save your changes.

Add more about you (optional)

If you'd like to share more about yourself, you can add a short biography to the "About you" section and your location in the "Location" field.

Once you're finished, just hit the "Save" button.

Update your name

You will see text fields for your first and last name. Select the name you’d like to change and then save your changes by hitting “Save” in the upper right corner of your Profile. 

Update your email address and password

You can also update your email address and password from your profile settings. Your email address is visible to staff members and teachers/moderators in courses you're taking, but it's not visible to other learners.

Note that if you use an external login system (SSO) to log into your account, you'll need to update your email address on that external system and you won't be able to update it from your profile settings.

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