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๐Ÿ’ฌ Cohort Community: discuss, get to know others in your Cohort, and see what everyone's been up to
๐Ÿ’ฌ Cohort Community: discuss, get to know others in your Cohort, and see what everyone's been up to

Use the Cohort Community tab to access all discussion forums in one place, view all member profile cards, and see recent Cohort activity.

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For administrators, editors, teachers, and moderators

Every Cohort includes a Community tab by default in addition to the Path and About tabs. The Community is a place for learners and staff in the Cohort to connect via discussions, member profile cards, and a timeline of activity happening in the Cohort. Seeing profiles, activity, and posts from others in the same Cohort can help encourage learners to press on and engage more with the Course or Collection.

If you prefer that your learners do not see or interact with others in a particular Course/Collection or a particular Cohort, you have the option to toggle off Members, the Cohort Timeline, or the entire Community tab.

Discussion tab

Discussion prompts and personal questions can be added to any step in the course. All these forums are collected under the Community tab, under Discussion.

Now learners and staff can create new discussions under the Community tab as well. Use Community to filter, view, and respond to all the discussions in the Cohort you're teaching or moderating or to post new questions that are not associated with a particular step.


  • The default for the Community page is to show "All" discussion questions and personal questions.ย 

  • Anyone can switch this filter to view just discussion prompts or just personal questions. A teacher or moderator will most likely find the "Unanswered" view helpful.

  • You can also filter your results to see "Recently active," "Recently posted," "Most active," or "Most upvoted" discussions first.ย 

๐Ÿ’ก Tip: posts with unread responses will show a colored dot notification.ย 

Navigation tips

  • If you are under the Community tab, you can navigate back to the learning step associated with any of the questions by opening it and then clicking on the step name at the top.

  • If you'd like to share a direct link to a discussion with the entire class to highlight another learner's response, you can do so by going to the step, clicking on the discussion, copying the URL from the top, and then messaging that to the class.

Topics (new!)

School admins can now create school-wide discussion Topics. Topics help your learners quickly scan and find discussions on topics of interest to them. If an admin has made pre-defined Topics available for a course you're teaching or moderating, you and your learners will have the option to specify one or more Topic categories for your discussion post and filter all discussions by topic.

Members tab

Next up under the Community tab is Members. The Member Directory displays the profile card of each member. The profile card includes each learner's first name and last initial, as well as any additional information that the member has chosen to add under their Profile settings.

Learn more about the Cohort Members Directory here.

Timeline tab

The last area under Community is the Timeline. The Timeline displays recent activity in the Cohort, such as discussion posts and replies, step completions, new registrations, and course completions.

Learn more about the Cohort Timeline here.

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