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Teaching Tools

Tools for helping guide learners to their next step.

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When you add yourself (or team members) as Teachers or Moderators on a Path, they instantly gain access to the tools they need to help learners make progress.

Teaching tools include:

  • Scheduler: Personalize the schedule for any Path by setting Start Dates, Due Dates, custom Reminders, and more.

  • Radar & Stats: Visually see where everyone in your Group is and spot who's getting stuck.

  • Progress Reports: View and download progress and scores (if applicable) for any Path.

  • Customizable Steps: Optionally customize and add to the Path for your Group without interfering with other Groups.

  • Inbox: A single Inbox for reviewing learners' work and privately discussing it with them.

  • Discussion: Post discussion prompts, announcements, and participate in the conversation around any Path.

  • Notifications: Get notified in-app and by email about new discussions, work to review, and more.

Mentors also gain access to most of the Teaching Tools for all the Paths each of their learners is taking.

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