For teachers and moderators

If you are enrolled in a course as a teacher or moderator, you will automatically be notified when your response is needed in the discussion forums or when an assignment needs your review. 

Automatic notifications

You'll be notified when anyone in your Cohort...

  • Starts a new discussion below a step. 

  • Answers a discussion prompt.

  • Replies to you directly in a class discussion or in a private feedback discussion.

  • Completes a step that is set up to require manual review (in-app notification only unless you subscribe to the email digest). 

You’ll receive all notifications in-app under the notification bell icon that looks like this:

Select the notification bell in the top right hand corner to reveal the most recent discussion and completion activity. Select a notification to jump right to the discussion or review screen.

Discussion notifications will also send directly to the email address that you use to log in. 

💡 Here are two "pro" tips:

  • Click the three dots (...) to the right of any notification to clear it, or mark it as read/unread. You may find this useful for tracking what you've responded to and what still needs attention. All uncleared notifications can be received daily or weekly by email digest.

  • When you receive a discussion notification by email, replying to that email will post your response directly to the discussion thread.

Learner discussion notifications

Learners will receive notification by email and in-app notification. 

Learners will be automatically notified...

  • When a teacher or moderator has assigned a grade and/or has given them feedback

  • When a learner, moderator, or teacher has responded directly to their discussion post

  • When a teacher or moderator has set up reminders for start and end dates

Learners will NOT be automatically notified when...

  • Anyone posts a new discussion prompt or personal question.

  • A teacher or moderator posts to a discussion board, but not as a reply to the learner's own post.

Want to get everyone's attention or send a time-sensitive message? Instantly message your learners instead. 

All posts made to discussion prompts or to personal questions are visible to admins and anyone enrolled in the cohort as a teacher, moderator, learner, or observer, whether posted within the course or as a response to an email notification. 

Ask to respond

Are you working with multiple teachers and moderators in a single cohort? Use the "Ask to respond" link under additional actions to send an instant notification to your colleague.

When a notification has been successfully sent to a teammate, you'll see the name fade and a check mark will appear. The notification message will include a link to the discussion and will indicate that you have asked this teammate to respond. 

Notifications digest

When a learner completes a step that needs review, you'll automatically receive an in-app notification under the bell icon in the upper right corner if you are enrolled as a teacher or moderator in the course. Prefer to receive these by email?

Sign into your account and subscribe to the daily or weekly email digest:

  1. Select the bell icon in the upper right corner of your account. 

  2. Select "Turn on email digest." Toggle your notification preference from "Never" to "Daily" or "Weekly" and save. 

The digest will simply send you a list of all in-app notifications that are still uncleared. You will be able to access completions by clicking on any notification that you receive in your email digest. 

The digest email can be turned off by setting the frequency back to "Never."

Learners will receive notifications by email when you add feedback or grade points. See more about giving feedback. 

How to turn off notifications

Once you’ve finished teaching a course, or if you don’t want to be notified about discussions in your course anymore, you can turn off discussion notifications for each course from the Teach tab of your Home page. To turn them off, select the three dots in the upper right corner of the course and then toggle the discussion notifications to the “off” position.


If you mark notifications as spam (or if your email server has an overactive filter) your notifications may land in your junk or spam folder. If this happens, you can bring notifications back to your inbox by adding the sending addresses to your contacts or by marking the messages as "not spam."

Here are the two email addresses that you will want to mark as "not spam" or "not junk" or enter into your contacts:

Here's an example from Gmail:

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