For teachers and moderators

If you are teaching or moderating a Cohort, you'll want to see at a glance how the class is doing as a whole, but you'll also want to drill down and see how Bill did on the last project. Quickly view the stats on the entire class and review or grade a single user with the learner manager and report cards. 

How to view learner progress

Open the learner manager by selecting "View learner progress" from the drop down menu directly under the course title, or alternately select the user avatars on the right side of the path.

When you open that up, you'll be able to view all learners or use the search and filter features at the top to narrow your results. 

You'll see a brief overview of each learner, including name, role in the cohort, last time they were active in this cohort, and location, if provided. On the right is the learner's progress percentage and cumulative points. 

Select a learner to open a detailed report card. You'll see what percentage of the Path the learner has completed and if you're using points, what her current score is based on the steps completed and graded so far. 

Learn how to add a point value to steps here if you haven't set that up yet. 

Give personal feedback

You can select any step title from the report card to open the review panel for that learner's completion of that particular step. You'll be able to review any work submitted on the step and give feedback or review feedback that you provided earlier. This is a good way to quickly see how an individual is doing. Simply close the panel and click on another step to work through a single learner's work. 

Learners will be notified about feedback by instant email notification and can view feedback by email and within the platform. They can respond to feedback in-app or by email to dialogue privately with staff. 

See more on reviewing learners' work and providing feedback here. 

Email individual learners

If you would like to have extended private conversation with any learner, you can find their email address from the View Learners screen to the right of their name under the additional actions (...) icon. 

Click or tap on the email address to send an email to that individual. Right-click or hold to copy the email address.

Or, use the two-way threaded private feedback now available with the Review feature. 

Export the grade book

To download learner information or your full grade book, open the additional options and select a report to download. The Scores by Step Report (grade book) will download as a CSV file that can be imported into many other apps and systems. 

What can learners view?

Learners will be able to see only their own report card by selecting their "Performance" icon at the top of the Path. 

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