With our "Radar" feature, you can tell where learners are on the Path, where people might be getting stuck, and how many people have completed the course and each lesson and step in the course. 

The presence of a learner's avatar, or profile image, on a step indicates that this is their next step to take. In other words, it's the next incomplete step on their path.

For example, out of 606 people who enrolled in this course so far (see top), 325 completed the entire lesson (bottom). The rest are either actively working through the course, or have exited without completing. As learners move through the course, you'll see the numbers adjust accordingly - in real time! 

See where they're getting stuck

You can use the Stats icon to see how your learners are doing on a particular Step, Lesson, or your entire Path:

Tap on the Stats icon to see more detail about how many have completed it and the average score (if points are applied)

­čĺíTip: Avatars may appear on a locked step, since the next incomplete step on their path may be a locked step; this doesn't necessarily mean they are currently viewing the step.

If you notice a much lower than average completion rate for a particular Step or Lesson, that could indicate that your learners need some extra help understanding the concept. Consider sending a message to your class or to individual learners to help them get unstuck.

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