Message all members

To email all members in a particular cohort, open the message feature from the icon on the right side of the Path or the button on the "View Learners" page.Ā 

In the box that pops up, type your message and send. Everyone in the cohort will be copied, including all learners, moderators, teachers, and observers. Your message will go to the email accounts your members used to sign up. Their replies will come to the email address associated with your account.Ā 

When the message sends, you'll see a confirmation message similar to this one:

You can use the following variable in a group message if you would like to auto-fill each person's first name: {{user.first_name}}

You can also add a full URL and it will hyperlink in the message automatically; or, paste in hyperlinked text and the link will be retained.Ā 

Use another email tool

The message tool does not support advanced formatting or attachments.Ā 

If you want to email all or selected learners from your own email server, download the "Learner data" report or "Performance report" and copy the email address column, then paste that into your email's to, cc, or bcc line.Ā 

Or, download an account-wide report to gather the email addresses of everyone in your account and email them from an external email server.

If you'd like to set up an email campaign, we'd suggest integrating with MailChimp or another emailing tool via Zapier.Ā 

Message individuals

To email an individual, open "View Learners" and you'll find the learner's email address under additional actions on the right. Click or tap on the email address to send an email to that individual. This will open a new message in the default email app on your device.Ā 

Right click or hold to copy the email address.Ā 

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