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🙋‍♂️Include a live stream video or webinar
🙋‍♂️Include a live stream video or webinar

Connect with your learners in real time by listing or embedding a live stream video, video/audio call, or chat.

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If you teach people in real-time in the classroom, or by webinar, live video/audio calls, or chat, you can include your live teaching in your Path for your learners to take online. 

👉Are you interested in using Pathwright to host a virtual event entirely online? Check out this blog post on How to Host a Virtual Event.

How it works

Teachers use Pathwright to teach live, scheduled courses almost as often as they use it to teach self-paced courses.

Here are two steps to add live video teaching to your path:

1. Add an "Attend" step

Create a new step and select Attend. Give it a descriptive title like "group discussion," "session one: to space and beyond," etc.

💡 Tip: many teachers help everyone show up more prepared by adding a short introduction reading, video, reflection, or discussion right before their Attend step.

2. Add the live video information

Use whichever blocks you'd like to format your Attend step. We'd recommend:

  • A Title Block with the name of the event

  • A Meeting Block with all the details they'll need: the date & time and live video link to Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, or any other live streaming tool you'd like to use.

3. Use the Scheduling tool to set dates and send automated reminders to learners about live events.

Every cohort can optionally be scheduled to help learners stay on track.

  • Schedule lessons or individual steps and the dates will appear on the Path.

  • Optionally set up custom reminders and learners will be automatically emailed reminders about the scheduled events.

That's all there is to it. Now your learners will be able to prepare and join your live session in one click. (But there's a lot more you can do to make it even better -- see below).

🤔 You may wonder, does Pathwright have "integrated" live video?

Good question (and one we hear a lot). It's effortless to make the live video (provided by Zoom, etc.) appear seamlessly integrated within your path. But technically, it's not possible to provide live video directly within a web browser that's both reliable and robust enough to provide a stable live teaching experience. Any platform that claims otherwise is stretching the truth. 

More information, tips, and examples for integrating live education in your paths

Embed your livestream for latecomers

A Pro Zoom account paired with a free YouTube account provides you the option of instantly posting your Zoom livestream video to a YouTube livestream. The benefit of doing this is that YouTube will provide an embed code that you can use to embed your recorded Zoom session into your step for participants to view or review later, right there in your course in Pathwright.

In this case, you'll post the Zoom link in the Meeting Block (this allows people to join the live Zoom meeting), and you'll post the YouTube link into an Embed Block (this will allow people to view the livestream video directly within the step). Those viewing the embedded livestream from YouTube will experience about a 20-second delay behind the live Zoom session and they will not be able to participate. The embedded recording will remain available after the event for latecomers or any who wish to review.

If you don't wish to post the video instantly, you can also post the completed video later after the webinar is completed.

Add other engaging elements around your live event

  • Use a Files Block to include any downloadable/printable information they'll need during the live session. 

  •  Add a discussion prompt to provide more interaction before, after, or during the event. (e.g., you could prompt learners to leave their top questions for you or your guest speaker in advance).

  • Use Assessment Blocks to prompt learners to capture their reflections and structured notes during your live event - all from the path.

Special tools for live teaching

Here are some popular choices for live video teaching that are easy to add to your live teaching paths:

Those video tools also have live chat built into them. Alternatively, you can use a discussion or Open-ended Response Block in Pathwright to take questions before the live session or take follow-up questions after the session. See the Meeting Block article for more information.

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