Remove a staff member or edit permissions

Revoke a staff member's staff status when they are no longer active or no longer hold a staff role.

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For account administrators

For billing purposes, a staff member is anyone with Admin or Library Editor access to the entire account, anyone with Course Editor access to one or more courses, or any Group Admin in a Mentor Group. 

Your plan includes a certain number of staff members, and any staff members over the number included will automatically add a small fee on our current plans. See How Pathwright pricing and billing works. 

Here's how to remove staff access from someone who no longer needs it, so they will not count towards your billing as extra staff members. Or, if you just need to adjust permissions for a particular staff member, the instructions below should help.

Remove Admin or Library Editor access

To revoke staff privileges for an account Admin or Library Editor...

  1. Open "Community" from the main menu or your admin Dashboard.

  2. Look up the staff member, and click on the settings icon (three dots) to the right of his name. Select "Make member" to remove Admin or Library Editor access. 

The individual will retain access to any courses he or she is enrolled in, but will no longer have account-wide staff privileges. The member will revert to being a non-staff member on your next billing cycle. 

Remove Course Editor access

A Course Editor is someone who has been invited to edit one or more courses. 

To remove a Course Editor...

  1. Open the Course Settings for the course they are enrolled in as a Course Editor. 

  2. Select "Manage editors." 

  3. Select the additional actions icon to the right of the user, select "Remove editor," and confirm.  

Repeat for any other courses in which the user is enrolled as Course Editor. The member will revert to being a non-staff member on your next billing cycle after all Course Editor enrollments are removed.

Remove Mentor Group Admin access

A Group Admin in a Mentor Group is someone who can manage their Mentor Group, invite new people to their Group, and create new nested sub-groups.

To remove a Group Admin...

  1. Open "Community" from the main menu, then select the "Groups" tab. 

  2. Select the Group you'd like to change.

  3. Select the role switch drop down menu in the Group and change the Group Admin's role to "Mentor" or "Member.

The member will revert to being a non-staff member on your next billing cycle. If you wish to remove the individual from the group entirely, first demote to "Member" then open the additional actions icon (...) and select "Remove from group" from the drop down menu. 

Remove from group

Need to remove a teacher or moderator? 

See the instructions for removing someone from a course here.

Revoke a staff member's access to your Pathwright account

Need to completely remove someone's access to your entire account? See how to remove access to your account.

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