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Invite an observer to a course with view-only access.

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You may have a need to invite someone to a course with view-only access. For instance, you need to invite a person to review course material without having to complete assignments as a learner, and without permission to edit content like a staff member. 

Or, you may want to offer certain members of your community the option to view content without completing the course for credit or receiving feedback from staff. If this is the case, you can invite the individual to a course as an observer. 

What is an observer? 

Observers have view-only access to all course content, discussions, and notes in courses in which they are enrolled as an observer. 

Observers do not have permission to complete assessments, engage in discussions, or add or modify notes. They cannot complete steps (the button is hidden) and their progress through the course is not tracked for staff to view. 

Note that observers are not counted towards the seat limit of a cohort, so you can limit the number of learners with whom you will interact and provide feedback, but allow unlimited observers to join the same cohort. 

How to invite someone to a course as an observer

Method 1: Add to Path

If the person is already a member of your account, you can use Add to Path to instantly enroll them in any course in any role, including Observer. Learn more about Add to Path here.

Method 2: Share

See instructions for sharing your course here. Make sure to select the Learner role when adding or inviting someone directly to the course as a Learner.

Change an observer's enrollment

Switch to another role

  1. Go to "View Learner Progress" within the course. 

  2. Next to the observer's name, select the "More actions" icon that looks like a vertical ellipsis. 

  3. Select "Configure registration."

  4. Now select the desired role and save. That's it! 

Remove from the course permanently

To remove an observer from a course permanently, deleting all data, go to "View Learner Progress" Use the "Remove from cohort" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a learner's name) to remove a particular observer. 

Enrollments in other courses are not affected and the user will be able to re-enroll in the same or a different role. 

Expire access

To remove an observer's access to a course temporarily or after a set date, go to "View Learner Progress." Use the "Configure registration" option under additional actions (the vertical ellipsis icon to the right of a user's name) to set an expiration date on the observer's access to just this course. 

The observer will see the course marked as "Access expired" on their home page. You can restore access anytime by removing the expiration date. 

Access email address

To email an observer or capture their email address, open "View Learner Progress" and you'll find the observer's email address under additional actions on the right. Click or tap on the email address to send an email to that individual. Right click or hold to copy the email address. To email multiple Observers, you can download the Learner Data Report or Member Progress Report and filter by role to get a list of all email addresses.

See an overview of all Pathwright member roles here

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