This annotation Block is great for 1) assessing a learner's ability to visually identify items in an image, chart, or diagram and 2) just to add some fun interaction with your content.

This article will cover the Block that allows learners to annotate an image. To see how to annotate your image for learners to view-only, see the Image Blocks.

How to add an image for learners to annotate

  1. Create a new step on your course Path and open the step.
  2. Select "Assessment" then "Annotated Assessment." You've added a Block to your step!
  3. Select "Replace Image" and use the Media Manager to upload and insert your image. Replace template text with your own instructions. Optionally set a required number of points that the learner will need to add and label.
  4. Optionally add more Blocks. When finished, hit Publish.


You can...

  • Upload image files in the following formats: JPEG, PNG, etc.
  • Reuse files in other steps once stored in the Media Manager.
  • Require a certain number of labelled points or let learners decide how many points to add.

The learner can....

  • Click to add a point and type a label.
  • Delete points and labels.
  • See how many points are required to complete the assignment, if applicable.


Q. What are the recommended file sizes and resolutions?
A. See the end of the Media Manager article here.

Q. Can I resize images?
A. Yes, you can crop an image before uploading or after uploading. If you've already uploaded the image, find the image in your Media Manager and select Details, then Edit Image. After editing, reinsert the edited image into the step. See more about using the Media Manager here.

Q. Can learners move annotations?
A. They'll need to delete the existing one and create a new one where they want it.

All Blocks enable you to...

  • Toggle between similar layouts.
  • Duplicate the Block to edit and reuse on the same step.
  • Reorder Blocks up and down the page.
  • Insert additional Blocks above or below.
  • Delete Blocks.
  • Preview the entire step as a learner.
  • Undo previous edits (Control+Z to undo your last edit to text, or click "Publish," then "Discard" to undo all edits since you last published the step).
  • Copy & paste the entire step or lesson and reuse in the same course or another course.

Learn more about Blocks.

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