Use a checkboxes assessment question when you want to ask a question that requires more than one correct response (multiple-select) or a question with no one "correct" response (like a survey question). Checkboxes also lend themselves to checklists, so you can ask learners to tally tasks they've completed offline or elsewhere.

How to add a checkboxes question Block

  1. Create a new step on your course Path and open the step.
  2. Select "Assessment" then "Checkboxes." You've added a Block to your step!
  3. Replace the question template text with a question of your own or instructions. Add answer options. For each answer that should be selected in order for the question to be marked "correct" by autograde, toggle on the green check mark to the right of the answer option. To use the question as a survey-type question (with no "correct" answers), leave all answers unchecked. 
  4. Optionally add more Blocks. When finished, hit Publish.


You can...

  • Ask a question and mark one, several, all, or no answers as correct.
  • Add, edit, and delete possible answer options.
  • Quickly reuse a question in the same step by clicking the copy button and editing the copy.
  • Optionally add an answer explanation. This will display after the question is answered.
  • Require review or let the step autograde the response based on completion.
  • Receive notification when an answer is submitted and leave comments, a video, audio, or file in your response, and assign points (optional).

Learners can...

  • Select one or more responses and submit their answer.
  • Complete the assignment in order to mark the step complete.
  • Depending on your choices in the step settings, learners can reset their response to take again and view the answer explanation immediately, if provided.
  • View points and feedback by email and in-app, when applicable.


Q. How do I adjust points and grading notifications?
A. Open the step settings to adjust these settings and more for the step.

Q. Can I use this to ask multiple-choice questions?
A. You could use this and mark one option as correct, but we'd recommend using the specially styled Multiple-choice Block for that.

All Blocks enable you to...

  • Toggle between similar layouts.
  • Duplicate the Block to edit and reuse on the same step.
  • Reorder Blocks up and down the page.
  • Insert additional Blocks above or below.
  • Delete Blocks.
  • Preview the entire step as a learner.
  • Undo previous edits (Control+Z to undo your last edit to text, or click "Publish," then "Discard" to undo all edits since you last published the step).
  • Copy & paste the entire step or lesson and reuse in the same course or another course.

Learn more about Blocks.

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