Use a checkboxes assessment question when you want to ask a question that may require more than one correct response (multiple-select) or a question with no one "correct" response (like a survey question).

Sample Checkboxes question: learner preview mode on the left and edit mode on the right

How to add a checkboxes question Block

  1. Create a new step on your course Path and open the step.
  2. Select "Assessment" then "Checkboxes." You've added a Block to your step!
  3. Replace the question template text with a question of your own or instructions. Add answer options. For each answer that should be selected in order for the question to be marked "correct" by auto-grade, toggle on the green check mark to the right of the answer option. To use the question as a survey-type question (with no "correct" answers), leave all answers unchecked. 
  4. Optionally add more Blocks. When finished, hit Publish.


You can...

  • Ask a question and mark one, several, all, or no answers as correct.
  • Add, edit, and delete possible answer options.
  • Quickly reuse a question in the same step by clicking the copy button and editing the copy.
  • Optionally add an answer explanation. This will display after the question is answered.
  • Require review or let the step auto-grade the response based on completion.
  • Receive notification when an answer is submitted and leave comments, a video, audio, or file in your response, and assign points (optional).

Learners can...

  • Select one or more responses and submit their answer.
  • Complete the assignment in order to mark the step complete.
  • Depending on your choices in the step settings, learners can reset their response to take again and view the answer explanation immediately, if provided.
  • View points and feedback by email and in-app, when applicable.


Q. How do I adjust points and grading notifications?
A. Open the step settings to adjust these settings and more for the step.

Q. Can I use this to ask multiple-choice questions?
A. You could use this and mark one option as correct, but we'd recommend using the specially styled Multiple-choice Block for that.

Q. Can I use this Block to have learners report on a list of tasks?

A. There's a Block for that! See this Tasklist Block for more information.

Learn more about Blocks.

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