While it's a great idea to update your existing course content to Blocks, you'll want to be cautious.

🚧Caution: Any assessment questions answered, projects submitted, etc. will be lost if you remove the old version of the content, replace it with the new Blocks content, and publish it.

So if you're looking to upgrade an existing course to Blocks and don't want to your learners to lose access to their previous progress, answers, grades, etc. then we recommend the following approach:

Step #1: Upgrade content to Blocks in a new course

  1. Create a new copy of the course that you'd like to upgrade to Blocks. You'll find instructions for creating a duplicate course here

  2. In the copy, update each step to use the new Blocks format. Open the step and click the arrow in the upper right corner to switch the content type to Blocks. Reference your original course as you rebuild the content inside each step with Blocks in the copy. You may find yourself combining and removing steps from the copy. That's fine too. 

  3. If you used the "attachments" option to include audio files, PDFs, etc. be sure to delete those old attachments and use the new Files Block.

  4. If you use an external video provider like Vimeo, Youtube, or Brightcove, you can still embed those with Blocks by using the Embed Anything Block.

💡 Tip: Switching an existing step to "Build with Blocks" will remove the existing legacy content (permanently) and give you the option to build new content with Blocks instead. 

Step #2: Launch the new course and retire the old course

  1. Once your new version is ready, go ahead and set up all the pricing, access, and other settings just like your old course. Set this course to "public" or "members only" if you'd like learners to discover it.

  2. Change the cohort access on your old course to private – this means that anyone already enrolled will have continued access, but no one else can enroll except by direct invitation. 

That's all there is to it!

We can help

If you'd like help in determining how to best rearrange and upgrade your existing courses to Blocks or would even like us to do it for you, our LX Team is standing by to help.

Learn more and get a personalized demo here. 

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