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👀Visibility settings: Control who has access to your courses
👀Visibility settings: Control who has access to your courses

Learn how to make your content available to learners and how to link to a course.

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Cohort visibility will determine who can see and enroll in your courses and will affect how you share or link to a course. 

Change who has access to a Cohort

If you don't have a Cohort created for your course yet, add a Cohort.

  1. Open your Cohort Path and select the three dots (...) at the top of the Path directly under the name of the course. This will open a menu with additional options.

  2. Select "Configure cohort" from the menu to open the cohort settings.

With the cohort settings open, you’ll see three options. 

  1. If you select Invite Only, this cohort will not appear in your Library for visitors or learners. The only way for a learner to join this class is if you or another staff members adds or invites someone to the cohort. The course "About" page and Path "Preview" page will not be viewable until after registration. 

  2. If you select Members, this cohort will appear in the Library for any school members who are signed into your school (teachers, moderators, learners), and anyone can self-enroll as a learner. It will not be visible to the public. You can invite people to create an account in order to see and self-enroll in the course. 

  3. If you select Public, this course will appear in your course Library for anyone who visits your school; they will not need to sign in to preview the course Path. Anyone can self-enroll as a learner.

In each case, learners will need to create an account and enroll in the course to view step content (unless you make the step content available for public preview). If you have a price set on the course, they will be required to pay or apply a discount code to access. 

Always visible

From the same drop down menu above, open Update About page, and scroll down until you see the Always show in Library toggle. Switch this on if you have Member-created groups and you want to make these your only public offering. This will force the course to always be public, even without a regular public cohort.

Visibility and accessibility of the Library

Your Library is the default landing page and course sales page in your account.

Your account URL will look something like this:

Until you publish your first public course, your account URL will bring people to a sign-in screen, like this:

After publishing a public course, your account URL will bring people directly to your Library:

How to link to your courses

If your course is private, the only link to your course that will work for anyone who isn't enrolled yet is an invite link to that course. 

If your course is members-only, the only link to your course that will work for non-members not yet enrolled in the course is an invite to that course or an invite to join your account. 

If your course is public, you can direct anyone to your Library to self-enroll: or to the course description or "About" page: Sign out, go to your Library page or course "About" page and copy the URL from your browser. This is your shareable link.

Customized links

It's now possible to create your own customized links that will redirect automatically to the default course URL. The number at the end of the course name is the Course ID. You can now use whatever slug you’d like in your invite link, as long as you include the Course ID number.

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