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✨Copy & Paste Courses

Admins can copy any Course and paste a duplicate of the entire Course within the same account or into another Pathwright account.

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For account administrators and library editors

Courses can now be copied quickly and easily using our magical "copy & paste" icons from the Design tab.

When to use a Course copy

A Course copy is useful when...

  1. You need another version of a Course that is separate but structured similarly or shares some content (a revision, translation, a custom version that a client will reuse with multiple cohorts, etc.).

  2. You have a Course that you'd like to break into several shorter Courses with the same or similar content.

  3. You want to use the same course in another Pathwright account. If you are an administrator of two or more Pathwright accounts, you can now copy a Course from your Design tab in one account and paste to your Design tab in the other account.

Both admins and library editors can copy courses within a Pathwright account. Admin access to both accounts is required to copy courses in between accounts.

When not to use a Course copy...

  1. When you want to reteach the same course to another group of learners. In most cases, you'll want to add a new Cohort instead.

  2. When you want to duplicate a Cohort Path. Course copies generate from the Source Path, so if your content has been built on the Cohort Path only, you'll want to sync your content to the Source Path first before making a copy or adding a new Cohort. Copying a Course in between two accounts only transfers over the content and branding: it does not transfer Cohorts, learners, or learner progress.

How to copy a Course within the same Pathwright account

To create a full Course copy...

  1. Find the Course you wish to copy on the Design tab of your Home page.

  2. Select the ellipsis menu (...) in the upper right corner of the Course and then click "Copy". The status will change to "Copied" when the course is on your clipboard.

  3. This activates a corresponding "Paste" button at the top of the Design tab. After clicking the "Paste" icon, the window scrolls to the location of the duplicated Course.

To cancel a copied item without pasting it, select the X icon to clear your clipboard.

Copy a course from one Pathwright account to another

An administrator can paste a copied course on the Design tab of any school account of which they are an administrator while logged into both with the same user.

If you don't have admin access in both accounts, you may request a course transfer and we'll make a copy of the entire course and move it over for you. We'll need the original course URL and the new account URL. Please send requests via the support chat and provide your email address, or email us at

If the original course is in an account where you do not have admin access, please have one of the school admins approve the copy first. They can simply email us at with consent from the email address they use to log into their account.

Only the course content and branding is able to be transferred. Cohorts, learner enrollments, learner progress and data, etc. cannot be transferred at this time.

Course URL updates

The following URL updates are in effect as of December 8, 2021.

  • The Course slug (URL) now updates automatically when the Course is renamed.

    • All Course URLs now follow a new format: "name-of-the-resource-<resource-id>". Since URLs now reference the resource ID, it's not necessary for each Course slug to be unique.

    • "-copy" is no longer appended to the Course URL when a Course is copied.

    • Older (legacy) Course URLs will automatically redirect to the new format.

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